Impressing the sister's DIY: beautiful interactive mood lights

Mood light

This DIY brings a mood light that changes color according to changes in the environment. There is a built-in clock, microphone and temperature sensor. This project is based on Arduino development. It should be very good to be a sister.

Mood light

The first is of course to collect materials.

Mood light circuit

Then is the preparation circuit: this is the LED driver circuit.


Then follow the circuit.

Mood light circuit

Then build the power and sensor circuits.


Continue to build.


Unpack the USB interface for backup.


The temperature sensor is connected via USB, so the purpose is to easily replace other sensors you need.

Rotary Switches

Manufacturing Control Knobs: Control knobs can be used to select the mode of operation of the lamp, as the lamps we design have many different functions, and a convenient and quick selection method is a must.

Power Adapter

Adapter and switch, the output of the adapter is 12V 2A.




The shade, the translucent effect is necessary, so that it is romantic enough.

Mood light

Adhere the LED light to the aluminum plate.

Mood light DIY

First cover the upper hemispherical lampshade.

Mood lamp shade

Then there is the cube shade.


The support column of the lamp holder.


Development board box.

Arduino project

Other major electronic components are located under the aluminum plate, which is based on aesthetic considerations.

Mood light

You're done, test it.

Mood light

There are several modes: you can set RGB monochrome switching, random color, breathing light, colorful flashing, and the luminous intensity varies with the volume of the bad environment and the temperature...

Mood light

Program address: http://FFB/RBJU/I9B6IM8V/FFBRBJUI9B6IM8V.ino Now do it yourself!

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