Don't touch the top 8 bottom line of LED dealers

The dealer is the market partner of the manufacturer and is the community of destiny. In the communication with the dealer, the dealer's eight bottom lines, don't touch it! Let's remember it together~

First, the product quality problems plagued the multi <br> <br> product quality problems and then the inevitable, but troubled by the dealer produced has arrived, in addition to affecting sales and customer credit, there are two things most distribution Business headache:

1. Few companies can compensate for the loss caused by quality problems at the original price, especially the indirect losses caused by credit damage.

2. Quality issues lead to consumer disputes. Many small and medium-sized business teams have fewer people, which is more convenient and convenient. Hand over consumer disputes to dealers. If the products are hot and profitable, the dealers will do a good job. If the products are not competitive, the problem will be frequent. The dealer will give up the product just around the corner.

Second, the business too frequent personnel changes, the promises <br> <br> many companies because treatment issues, development platform issues, management issues, etc. caused by frequent replacement sales, especially in the performance of fixed salary enterprises, in order to allow sales Dealers have more purchases, arbitrarily promised, bonuses to customers promise not to cash in and choose to leave, and companies will not honor those false promises, the most injured is the dealer.

Third, the shortage of goods annoying <br> <br> many companies do not quite link up sales and production, resulting in product shortages of goods part of food items. When the dealers made the money and found that it was out of stock, it was very annoying:

1, the funds can not be returned 2, in order to ship the goods have to adjust the plan, resulting in some products exceeding the expected purchase volume, and some products zero inventory 3, when the delivery to the terminal, due to incomplete product sales results in decline, At this time, the cost of delivery has not been reduced due to incomplete items, and the profit has been reduced.

Fourth, bundling annoying <br> <br> many companies have strong sales of products, but also slow-moving products, in order to digest unsalable goods, they tend to adopt methods and strong sales of products bundled purchase. The size of the dealer is a boss. Of course, I don't like to do things under the pressure of others. What's more, no one will accept the bundled sales when the product is delivered to the terminal. At this time, the dealer can only promote the profit of the prosperous products to promote the slow-moving products. The lower profit margins also irritate downstream customers.

Fifth, the mandatory fight money Wohuo <br> <br> dealers operating a product of course will be very hard, while many products will be distracted, like so many marketing executives in the season before the arrival of the product, the use of customer funds occupancy The way is to force them to operate their own products, of course, this kind of business should be based on good market sales.

Although dealers enjoy a relatively high value policy, forced wages will still make people feel uncomfortable. When higher-margin products are placed in front of them, the contradictions may intensify.

Sixth, the delivery period long <br> <br> delivery process cumbersome because many companies, distribution farther away, the logistics system is imperfect, the company's financial operations and other issues led to the untimely arrival of the phenomenon. If a hot product, the long delivery cycle will make dealers extremely disgusted.

Seven sub-Hom-level marketing expenses, sales support is not fixed <br> <br> many companies can not bring a full marketing plan to the dealer, but given frame, figure by the dealers themselves, and tell reimbursement of expenses by The ratio of sales volume to sales task goes below, and the cost is cancelled below the completion rate of a certain task.

As a dealer, avoiding the risk of expenses is an important task. When they are not sure about reimbursing the fee from the company, they would rather choose less or not to do it. Over time, they will be captured by competitive products. The market share, many products are so dead.

Eight, take up too much <br> <br> auto dealer costs money for profit, rather than allow enterprises to be occupied, in other words, if the dealer strength is limited, barely operate your product, if At this time, you take up too much of his expenses, which will lead to the dealer's passiveness in sales.

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