The lunch box is also a perfect match for the smart food "tableware + APP"

With the end of the May Day holiday, the troubles after the holiday will follow. During the holidays, there was no temperance to open the "eat" ring, and the meat also creeped up. When the female friends who loved the United States shouted "Don’t dare to eat again," it was too late. In this slimming season where you can show your body, it is imperative to lose weight. But how can we avoid getting into the weight loss misunderstanding and develop a healthy and effective slimming plan? The “Smart Lunch Box” launched by Le Food Technology is healthy with technology!

Intelligent hardware

Don't be afraid, Le Food Technology will save the beauty of the people! Since May 1st, the food has opened the “Good Body, Smart Lunch Box” ordering channel at full speed. Anyone who has booked a lunch box through the official website of the music restaurant before August can get the “quick buy and reduce” activity privilege. The 900 yuan starting price of the smart food lunch box, the daily price will increase by 10 yuan, 1600 yuan capped, the sooner the purchase is less. This value-added is only a far-sighted beauty!

In addition, the event will be accompanied by a set of "Personal Slimming Health Guidance" for weight management, creating a comprehensive slimming plan for each consumer, so that you no longer worry about slimming planning, professional guidance in music Next, change from a passerby to a goddess!

Le food "tableware + APP" perfect match, leading the new mainstream of scientific slimming

In order to easily lose weight, many people have tried the slimming recipes on the Internet for several years, but it has always been difficult to achieve results. What is the reason? Le Food Technology tells you that the ratio of diet to sports is very important! With Le Food Technology products, you can tailor a long-term and comprehensive slimming program for you. A healthy recipe based on the calculation of the lunch box and mobile app will give users a more scientific slimming guide. This is not a single-function recipe or a simple exercise instrument!

Intelligent hardware

“Precise dining” is not only an innovative concept of music food technology, but also an important part of scientific slimming. The Le Food Smart Lunch Box can calculate the food nutrition index for each meal for you, and connect to the mobile APP via Bluetooth to get food-related nutrition information in real time. In addition, Le Food App can also correct your eating habits based on the data measured in the lunch box and provide you with a complete diet improvement program.

Intelligent hardware

Now, in order to give back to the love of new and old customers, Le Food Technology has launched a new "Personal Slimming Health Guide" on the mobile app, which provides recommended services such as weight loss, weight loss aerobic exercise, weight reduction and local shaping for women's slimming. . From now on, on the official website of Le Food Technology, you can buy the "Good Body - Goddess Edition" smart lunch box, and you will have the opportunity to go home with this "female mystery"!

Intelligent hardware

In addition to giving back to the vast number of consumers, the slimming gift-giving campaign, which aims at “good body and good health”, is a way for Le Food Technology to promote and promote “healthy slimming”. For a long time, the traditional extreme slimming method has been taken seriously, but the healthy weight-loss has not been vigorously promoted. Le Food Technology uses the smart “meal box + APP” mode for slimming management, filling the professional gap of the healthy slimming industry, so that everyone has the opportunity to become a professional slimming person!

It is reported that users who order products between May and July can get the "quick buy and lose weight" discount, but also participate in the "find the body, the most beautiful weight loss goddess" activity, as long as before December 2015 The top 20 goddesses with weight loss will be given a smart lunch box for the food company once they vote online! For more details of the event, check out the official website of Le Food Technology!

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