How to connect the TV TV box to watch TV

How to connect the TV TV box to watch TV

Home Theater Network () now has a lot of TV boxes, and watching TV with a box is a trend. Let's take the Tmall Magic Box as an example to introduce how to install and watch the TV box. The installation and use of other boxes is similar.

Physical connection

1 Material preparation: box, TV set, data transmission line (connecting box and TV), box power, box remote control, wireless network or wired network.

How to install the TV box to connect to the TV and watch

2 Start connecting:

Connect the power supply to the box and connect it to the power supply. The box data cable is connected to the TV. (There are two ways to connect, one is the av line connection, the other is the HDMI connection. You can choose one, the same as the home projector, of course, the general home theater use will connect the network TV box to the amplifier as the video source. Use.) After the power indicator of the box is on, turn on the TV. When you see the Tmall screen, the connection is successful. The first connection will enter the main page and you will enter the settings of the following link.

How to install the TV box to connect to the TV and watch

Network connection settings

1 The box works with network resources, so you need to connect to the network. There are generally two ways, a wireless network, a wired network.

Wired network: Insert the broadband cable directly into the special hole of the box, then open the TV settings, select the network, dial, enter the user name and password to complete the dialing. In the upper right corner, there is no fork and the network is successful.

How to install the TV box to connect to the TV and watch

How to install the TV box to connect to the TV and watch

2 Wireless network: Ensure that hotspot networks can be searched. Open Settings - Wireless Network - Enter Hotspot Name - Password - to create a connection. (Note: The above operations use the box remote control.)

How to install the TV box to connect to the TV and watch

Search and watch TV shows

There are categories such as TV, movies, and variety shows. Watch it according to your personal preferences. Pay attention to the use of the box remote control, you can fast forward function for process adjustment.

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