The global drone list is floating, the share of Xinjiang is falling, throwing the first, Apple drone exposure

Although the DJI drone is only a civilian company, his ranking is a well-deserved hegemon. Followed by an aviation aircraft in Guangdong, AEE Technology Corporation. Aee's main market is military drones, as well as civil aerial drones, sports cameras, law enforcement recorders and so on. The excellent performance of the Middle East battlefield in recent years has made the UAV drones have an unparalleled reputation, especially in Europe and the United States, ranking first in terms of sales and first in terms of reputation.

Global drone rankings, DJI drone share fell and won the first!

However, in recent days, the share of UAVs in DJI has declined, which is the only decrease in sales in recent years. The reason may be because of the involvement of other industries, Apple Huawei Xiaomi Baidu Google has been involved in the development of the drone market, but the advantages of the UAV drone are also obvious, there are too many patents and leading in the field of drones. In addition, in addition to the Dajiang UAV and the seventh Xaircraft independently developed the whole body, other drones need to work together. For example, is there a powerful Qualcomm processor, etc.

Global drone rankings, DJI drone share fell and won the first!

Apple drone exposure

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