HPE Testing Black Technology will increase the speed of your computer by "multiple orders of magnitude"

Hardware performance has always been a major bottleneck restricting the development of VR. Recently, HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), which was split from HP, announced that it has successfully tested its memory-driven computing architecture. Although it is only a conceptual prototype, this technology will greatly improve the performance of future computers.

This architecture is different from traditional PCs in that it pays more attention to high-speed storage units rather than computing units. This prototype requires more nodes and storage space to really realize its computing potential. According to their simulation research in the design stage, the storage-driven computer architecture will run at a higher speed than the traditional PC by "multiple orders of magnitude". Specifically, it is about 8,000 times.


Although HPE mainly intends to use this device in servers and other high-end computing tasks, they also mentioned that this architecture can be applied to other applications such as the Internet of Things through the addition and subtraction of specifications. Imagine a small smart glasses that can provide a computing power comparable to that of a high-end PC. However, it is unlikely that the computer will be used commercially for the past three years. After all, the technology is still in the experimental stage. But in the long run, once the technology matures, the impact on the electronics industry will be earth-shaking.

Piezoelectric Elements For Inkjet Piezo Transducer

Piezoelectric ceramic ring

Applications: ultrasonic vibration tranducer for inkjet printer

Vibration mechanism of inkjet printer:

Generally, it is composed of piezoelectric ceramics and driving rods. By high-frequency electric excitation, piezo ceramics produce high-frequency ultrasonic vibration (above 60 kHz or higher), which is transmitted to the driving rod and generates high-frequency micro-displacement (back and forth expansion) at its front end.

Piezo ceramics components features :

1. High vibration amplitude and can withstand higher power.
2. The product has high reliability, strong maintainability, and is not easy to break down or off-line.
3. The frequency can be adjusted in a wide range, generally within the range of 10KHz.

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The present piezoelectric elements for Inkjet piezo transducer is following :

Piezo rings OD4*ID2*2.5mm price USD1.20/pc, 2000pcs
Material: PBaS-4
Fr.: 694 KHz ±5KHz
K33: ≥0.55
Tg loss <0.5%
Ct 60pF ±12.5%

Piezo rings OD4*ID2*2.5mm price USD1.20/pc, 2000pcs
Material: PSnN-5
Fr.: 626KHz ±5KHz
K33: ≥0.57
Tg loss < 2%
Ct 53pF ±12.5%

Piezo rings OD6*ID2.5*2mm price USD1.50/pc, 2000pcs
Material: PZT-41
Fr.: 785 KHz ±5KHz
K33: >0.53
Tg loss < 0.5%
Ct 107 pF ±12.5%

Piezo rod OD3*7mm price USD1.20/pc, 2000pcs
Material: PLiS-51
Fr.: 192 KHz ± 3KHz
K33: >0.62
Tg loss < 2%
Ct 18.7 pF ±12.5%

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