A giant-screen cinema that you can put on your hands--a great meter CC experience


In the past two years, the projection was really a mess. Domestic manufacturers have also sprung up. Not only traditional bulb manufacturers such as BenQ, Sony, and Panasonic have been vigorously developed, but also a batch of LED projector manufacturers have made projections. The "office supplies" gradually entered millions of households. As the current "leader" of LED projection, after the Z3 and Z4 series of fires, H1 and CC series products were released this year. This is a mini rice cooker that is known to everyone today. The pole meter CC.


For the appearance part, the individual's heart is rejected, the appearance of what is good to introduce, go to the store or online look at the picture is not good, but this composition of new products, many places can not see, ah, and physical and pictures to me Still, the gap between them is very big, and for the sake of this time, the products that we got this time did not even have Aunt Zhang's LOGO, and also had less Aunt Zhang's tape. My heart always feels something less! ! ! Aunt Zhang, did you send some tape over! !

Ok. Or look directly at the product. To be honest, as a projection enthusiast, the projections that are usually concerned about are quite numerous. Before that, they have always paid attention to H1 and have always been very optimistic about the appearance of H1. When CC came out, it felt like it was a smaller H1.” "The rice cooker" has never had too high expectations for his face value. However, when he got his hand, he was still quite stunning. His small appearance was very affectionate.

Positively, in the past, there is no overly complicated element on the positive side of the CC meter. A hand-pulled ring and a JBL logo mark the lower part of the audio panel. This time, CC products also represent the collaboration between JM and JM. They used to integrate JBL and JBL into the figure of the CC. Presumably Mimi also wants to stand out with JBL in the current LED projection war.

The pole meter CC adopts a slide-in operation mode. It is only necessary to slide the slider from the top to the bottom. The current projection is basically moving toward this design direction, not only ensuring that the lens does not get into the gray, but also The re-appearance can be achieved without the need for a power button, integration, and aesthetic appearance.

In addition, as a portable projection, a top handle is integrated with a handle. The handle is a sign of XGIMI. At the same time, the keys of the CC are all integrated on the top, the sound, the next track, and so on. All can be seen at the top. However, as a portable projection, personally feel that there is still room for improvement in the handle part. If it can be designed as a pull-type handle, then the projector can achieve the hanging projection, and by the way, a suspension can be achieved by finding a hook (current handle is too short. Can't be wall-mounted).

Although as a portable projection, pole meter CC did not abandon the bracket interface, pole meter CC can be combined with the ordinary triangle bracket and a series of projection brackets, the bottom of the same time integrated four foot pads, but the feet of the pole meters are not Supporting adjustments, if you need to tilt a little bit of projection, you need to pad things, and these details can also have room for improvement.

The rear of the projector integrates 2 USB ports, a DC power port, and an audio source (headphone) port. Extreme meter CC under the blessing of JBL, can also be used as an audio and video, the function has to be convenient to say that there is a certain degree of expansion.

On the remote control side, the design of the pole meter is still quite technical and self-conscious. If you are familiar with the friends of the polar rice products, you should be able to find the remote controller in the middle of the circle that is very much like the pole meter Z4X, another pole meter CC also supports voice input and other functions. However, several projected voice input functions are compared with slag. It is useful for the voice input function of the mic meter CC. A detailed test procedure is followed.

Power, the pole meter is also thinking of Apple, and finally it is not that kind of ugly, dragging a big tail power adapter, the pole meter CC uses 17.5V, 3.42A using voltage and current. In addition, the pole meter CC also changed the power plug from the font type to the L model, which is good news for the user who placed the wall shelving board, which can maximize space saving.


On the system side, due to playing a lot of projections, personally feel that the pole meters are doing very well in this regard, and the system is taking a minimalist mode, and the operation is also more convenient. Both the elderly and children can quickly get started. This is very much liked. The system is divided into five major blocks, the main functional area in the middle, divided into: film and television, music, games, applications. In addition, the top, bottom, left, and right blocks correspond to related functions, and one page completes all operations. Do not need to enter multiple levels.

At the top, you can log in. There will be wifi, Bluetooth connection, no Android drop-down bar. The main display network signal is also here. At the bottom is the DIY icon area. You can put your favorite application on the bottom and use it conveniently.

The left side corresponds to the storage setting and the HDMI switching function, and the right side corresponds to the APP function. In addition, the right APP can be placed at the bottom for quick opening.


Said projection, beautiful appearance, no matter how good the system is fake. Saying that the most important thing for everyone in projection is definitely how the projection effect is. A large part of the projection effect is determined by the projection brightness and resolution. The pole meter CC uses a 0.3DMD chip. For this chip, the pole meter CC breaks 250 ANSI's traditional brightness and reaches 350 ANSI. This is definitely a worthwhile leap for portable projectors. It can change the user's portable projection. Look and feel.

As shown in the figure, this part of the picture was taken at 3 pm, the original picture is the big picture, and the small picture on the big picture is the projection effect picture. The projection size is about 70 inches. Overall, the performance of the CC meter in projection has an amazing feeling for me. I have used too many portable projections and this is a comparative advantage. The overall performance is worthy of appreciation.

From these comparison charts, it can be seen that the reproduction of the polar meter CC is relatively good in the details of the original image, the focus in the color is also pretty good, the picture on the color temperature projection effect is a bit cold, while the user can in the system for color Make adjustments.


The pole meter CC has added the focus function. After actual test, the focusing function of the pole meter CC can accurately focus, and the situation of inaccurate focusing does not occur. In addition, the speed of the auto focus function of the pole meter CC is very fast, and can be Focusing is performed for a short period of time, and the projector will start focusing when there is any movement. In addition, the pole meter CC also supports manual focusing. If the autofocus is inaccurate, you can switch to manual focus at the bottom of the remote control, and then press the plus/minus key to focus.

[Daytime effect]

For projection, daytime is a kind of unspeakable pain. Especially for portable projectors, it is a luxury to want to see during the day. Traditional portable projectors are dozens of ANSI, 100 ANSI is a good point, and it is really difficult to achieve elegance. The CC performance in the dark daytime is quite good. Projection to 60 inches is very clear. If it is a strong light, 350 ANSI is still slightly insufficient, so the extremely meter CC is more to avoid using under strong light. Here in order to better show the effect, specially made for everyone to show animation. (Note: The GIF upload process is more serious and the pixels are slightly higher.)

[Night projection effect]

【Virtual Focus】

Virtual focus has always been a difficult point for the projection industry. Extreme meters cannot avoid this problem. The so-called virtual focus, the lens focus will appear half or a region and other areas of the clarity of deviation. From the figure below, it can be seen that the menu text of the rice meter CC is clearly displayed in the middle, while the weather and time at the top are rather vague. It is expected that Mami will be able to change this later.

【Speaker mode】

Another important feature of the CC Meter is that it is not only a projection, but can be used as a speaker without using projection. As a product that has undergone "Gold Ear" tuning, it is really a waste to listen to songs without listening to it. . The use of mobile phones is also more convenient, direct Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy the sound brought by JBL.

[document testing]

The pole meter CC uses a 0.3 DMD rectangular pixel chip, which is better than the diamond pixel in the degree of projection. For projected text, etc., LED projection is not a strong item, if you encounter a diamond-shaped pixel, then watching or more tired, here to everyone test the effect of the use of word, excel, pdf, etc. The pole meter CC configuration uses a dual-core CPU MSD6A638 Cortex-A53 64-bit 1.5GHz +1GB ROM. In terms of configuration, when opening a large file, it takes longer, but it can be opened normally.

In terms of text performance, thanks to the rectangular pixel display is very good, projected to 60 inches or so, there is no obvious pixel problem, they also used more diamond-shaped pixel projection, the two can find obvious pixel particles contrast gap. However, if you are just taking entertainment or watching a movie, you don't have to worry too much about it.


The pole meter CC supports dual Bluetooth connection, the remote control board occupies one of the channels, and the other one can connect Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth handles, etc. During the test game, it is connected to the North pass Asura X1 handle to play the game, during the test process, It is found that the CC meter still has the common problem of other models. When connecting two Bluetooths, the data will appear unresponsive and even flow-breaking. So, if you want to play games with a Bluetooth joystick, disconnect the remote control's Bluetooth connection.

【to sum up】

In general, the CC Meter as a portable projector completely overturns the current portable projection market, raising the current portable projector lumen from about 100 ANSI to 350 ANSI, and the battery life has been increased from about 2 hours to 8 hours. Established a new industry benchmark. At the same time, brighter brightness, longer battery life, more application scenarios, outings, friends gatherings, etc. can all be used. However, the pole meter CC still has room for improvement. The advantages and disadvantages are summarized as follows.


Built-in JBL speaker, sound quality has been greatly improved.

The use of a large 20000mAh battery allows the battery to reach normal use for more than 5 hours.

Increased brightness to 350 lumens, adding more application scenarios

The autofocus function is fast and accurate, avoiding manual focusing.


The use of a 2000mAh battery has increased the weight and volume, and has reduced portability for backpackers.

Virtual focus is still a problem. The virtual focus on the right is more serious and the font is more blurred.

After the new machine was turned on, it encountered several problems with no response to the application. At present, the system has been upgraded to continue testing.

When two Bluetooth devices are connected, they interfere with each other. For parents who like to play action games, they give up the double connection.

The MSD6A638 Cortex-A53+1GB RAM is slightly less configurable, making it a bit difficult to run large games or software that requires high device hardware.

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