Dual 12 TV box how to buy, the five highest selling TV box recommended

"Double Eleven" express delivery has not yet been brought together, "Double Twelve" came again, then "Double Twelve" What TV boxes are worth starting? The sofa network Xiaobian this for everyone to inventory ~

No.1: Lynx Box M13 (Click for details)
Product features: 64-bit CPU, 4K ultra clear

The appearance of the Lynx Box M13 uses the classic black and red color of the Tmall Cat's Box. The high-grade matte shell feels excellent. The imported S905 chip is used in the configuration. The new A53 architecture CPU is 50% more advanced than the A9 architecture and uses a 64-bit operating system. , fully enhance the operating efficiency, H.265 decoding with HDMI lossless transmission and Dolby 5.1 channel, bring you a real 4K audio-visual feast! 1G+8G dual-channel memory protection, easy to run 3D games inside the sofa butler, dual-receive dual antenna design, signal in the master. Hundreds of TV games are made exclusively for TV, and TV avatars are used. Video content is used for billions of dollars to create a super movie library. Instant updates are available for private video libraries. More content can be installed. The butler can download magic videos. And other applications. Supports local video playback, allowing you to enjoy family viewing time at any time.

Recommended reason: Lynx Box M13 can be sold in many boxes first, the most important reason is its cost-effective, imported 64-bit S905 chip, 1 +8 G dual channel memory, and massive free library to see, the price only requires 199 Yuan popularity is naturally not low.
Monthly sales: 120,000 units

Tmall Mall Price: 199 yuan (Double Twelve Year End Festival only 169 yuan)

No.2 Lynx Box M17 (Click for details)
Product features: 16G large memory, true 4K output

Lynx Box M17 is still a continuation of the classic red and black color, is the thinnest box of the Lynx Box family, configuration using 4 core 64-bit desktop CPU-S905X, clocked up to 2GHZ, beyond the same 64-bit architecture computing Lower speed energy consumption, smooth running without fever, 1G memory + 16G flash large storage configuration, large game ultra-clear video loading fast, massive applications want to install equipment, play more enjoyable. H.265 hard decoding output true 4K image quality, HDR and HLG high dynamic image range technology, bringing shocking real-time visual experience, dual antenna faster and more stable, desktop card customization, desktop personalization adjustment and recommended programs, Massive free resources, Huashu Youku potatoes full platform coverage, hit drama, overseas drama, exclusive drama, homemade drama sit private cinema, wonderful to see to see, if you still feel content is less, Lynx Box M17 can also install a sofa butler Get more free movie resources.

Recommended reason: Lynx Box M17's 16G large memory and clocked up to 2GHZ desktop-class CPU to protect the Lynx Box M17 can still run smoothly under the premise of installing a large number of applications, personalized custom desktop also makes M17 operation difficult Lower, suitable for more people to use.
Monthly sales: 59,000 units

Tmall Mall price: 229 yuan (double 12 year-end ceremony only 199 yuan)

No.3 Lynx Box 3pro (Click for details)
Product features: 8-core CPU 2G+16G memory

Tmall Box 3pro adopts a large red main color, introduces the IML surface treatment technology used in high-end mobile phones, and synchronizes the quality and quality. Tmall's box 3pro configuration leads the new flagship configuration standard and uses Amlogic's 8-core 64-bit ultra-high performance professional Internet set-top box CPU, with ARM flagship 8 series multi-core 3D GPU interactive experience to a smooth stop! 2G + 16G large storage configuration, large-scale games, ultra-clear video 0 seconds to load, sofa butlers in mass applications want to wear equipment, play more fun. Dual-band dual-antenna WIFI is faster and more stable. It can also be used as a wireless router to connect a wired network. It is truly a multi-purpose device. It starts with DTS audio post-processing technology, and it is very addictive to the sound quality. The content is a library built by Alibaba Group. , covering the number of Hua, Youku potatoes platform, mass repertory drama continues to update, wonderful simply can not finish.

Recommended reason: Tmall box 3pro is the most powerful one of the Lynx box family configuration, while Amlogic 8-core 64-bit ultra-high-performance CPU and 2G+16G memory is also far ahead of many brands of TV boxes, and access to the Internet line It is also very practical to be able to function as a router.
Monthly sales: 42,000 units

Tmall Mall price: 299 yuan (lead coupon minus 10 yuan)

No.4 Millet Box 3 Plus (Click for details)
Product features: Voice somatosensory remote control, 4K Ultra High Definition

The appearance of the millet box 3 enhanced version is different from the appearance of other products of the millet box, using a pure white but still fresh and simple, the configuration of the millet box 3 enhanced version is really top of the industry, millet box 3 enhanced version of the first use of Cortex -A72 processor, 2-core Cortex-A72+4 core Cortex-A53 clocked up to 2GHZ, 2GB DDR3 memory, 8GB flash memory, double storage performance, powerful audio and video performance, true 4K decoding transmission, smoother sound, brings you The feeling of the environment, powerful GPU on the big screen to experience more games, Power VR GX6250 GPU, the overall box runs up to 60,000 points, easy to control the cool 3D games inside the sofa butler, voice somatosensory remote control, so that the living room turned into a gym, spend money Millions of dollars to build a video television library, TV drama synchronized TV, hot variety show, movie theaters, animation and children's programs, more than 90% are free, the whole family can find the program you want to watch, and daily programming is increasing.

Recommended reason: Xiaomi has always been to the ultra-high cost-effective plus a variety of black technology to win, this millet box 3 enhanced version with 60,000 points of the security Bunny run scores is absolutely superior to its high configuration, if the body feel The remote control also makes living room entertainment more interesting.
Monthly sales: 35,000 units

Tmall Mall price: 399 yuan

No.5 Infinik i6 (Click for details)
Product features: 4 core HD, 8G flash memory

Originally wondered why this box can be sold so well, when I saw the price I was shocked, 99 yuan! Innovative design, slim body, sleek curve, is simply a face value, better match home decoration, while the Infik i6 is equipped with a 32-bit 4-core CPU, the output resolution can reach 1080p, with it You can watch genuine licensed free TV dramas, high-definition movie, family karaoke, somatosensory games, 0-month rent movies and TVs for free. Isn't the price less than $100 worth the extra money? And Infinico i6 uses Rockchip TV box dedicated chip, can smoothly meet the daily needs, built-in 8G flash memory, change the boot response more quickly, rich interfaces, support for various models of TV sets, old TV can also become waste For treasure.

Recommended reason: You can see so many TV shows, movies, variety shows, and other video content for free. This 99 yuan has already been worthless, and the rich interface can adapt to all kinds of TVs. If you have idle old TVs at home, no The price of one hundred dollars allows you to enjoy the fun of smart TV!
Monthly sales: 22,000 units

Tmall Mall price: 99 yuan

【Fintail Benefits】
If you want to solve the problem that the box cannot watch live TV, you only need to install a sofa butler, search through the sofa butler client search download, TV cats, small micro-broadcast and other applications can easily watch TV live.

Summary: Xiao Bian above recommended several boxes are selected according to well-known e-commerce platform sales rankings, if you want to say the most cost-effective of course is the sales of the first Lynx Box M13,199 yuan can enjoy 4K video, large-scale video games, Inexpensive value for money, Lynx Box M17 is equipped with more flash memory, you can install more TV applications and games, and if you want to experience the ultra-smooth experience of the flagship configuration, you can spend a little extra money to buy the day The cat's box 3pro or the millet box 3 enhanced version, although the millet box 3 enhanced version is a little expensive, but the application of somatosensory remote control makes the play of the millet box more diversified, of course, if you just want to spend the least The money to experience the convenience brought by smart TV, Infinik I6 is a very good choice.

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