Charm Blue new machine spy photos first exposure is not a metal nor a big plastic

Tencent Digital News (water blue) Meizu's upcoming launch of the Charm Blue X was previously exposed to spy photos, but now it does not seem to be true. A few days ago, users @ old burst technology released a picture on the microblogging allegedly Charm Blue X and Glory 8, although only a partial picture, but it can be confirmed as a two-sided glass design, and users found in the Patent Office Meizu new aircraft appearance is very similar, it is likely that the legendary charm blue U30 makeover, the estimated price will be around 1999 yuan.

First exposure of spy photos

Charm Blue X had previously had spy photos exposure, and shows the back of the design and Charm Blue E is very similar, but now it does not seem to be the real charm blue X. A few days ago, users @ old blast technology released a Meizu new machine and glory 8 on the microblogging comparison photos, the model on the left of the screen is said to be the real charm blue X, and also used the same with the glory 8 Double-sided glass design, blue body plus a nice texture is quite beautiful.

Although the Charm Blue X of this exposure exposed only the tip of the iceberg and did not show a complete picture, some netizens searched the information published by the Patent Office to find out that the design of a Meizu new machine is very similar to the Charm Blue X. The same is the design of double-sided glass + metal middle frame, the camera is located in the upper left corner of the back, next to the LED flash, and the lens module part is quite flat, there is no obvious bulge, while the front of the phone has retained the "waist circle button" design Rather than the legendary "small circle."

P20 processor

In addition, Meizu insiders had previously exposed a thermal image of Charm Blue X on Weibo, and showed that the MediaTek P20 processor equipped with this machine is ideal for controlling heat, playing one hour of the game. After the phone's temperature is still low. At the same time there are carefully netizens found that the thermal image of the charm blue X really design the camera in the upper left corner of the back position, next to a circular flash, and users exposed Meizu patented design is exactly the same.

However, the other specifications of Charm Blue X have not yet had more information, and the starting MediaTek Helio P20 processor is undoubtedly the main selling point of the aircraft. The main feature is the use of 16nm process technology and eight-core A53 architecture, with 2.3GHz frequency and integrated Mali T880MP2 graphics chip, and full Netcom capabilities, and is also the first to support LPDDR4X memory specifications of mobile processors.

Or sell for 1999 yuan

It is worth mentioning that although the outgoing Charm Blue X positioning in the Charm Blue family is a flagship model, it is even equivalent to the status of the Meizu MX6, but from the characteristics of the glass body design now exposed, the machine should be It was the previously revealed Charm Blue U30. It was just a replacement of the product name. As for the phone model, it is expected to be a 3C-certified M621, supporting 24W fast charging technology.

Since Meizu has confirmed that it will officially release the Flyme 6 system on November 30th, Charm Blue X will become one of the first models equipped with the new system, and netizens broke the news that Meizu’s concert at the end of the month. "There will be Charm Blue Note 5 debut, which means that there will be two new models of Charm Blue to meet with us. As for the price of Charm Blue X, the current news is that due to the high initial cost of the P20 processor, the aircraft may be priced at RMB 1,999, but the authenticity of the news remains to be confirmed.

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