Shanghai Waibaidu Bridge LED Lighting Project

Shanghai Waibaidu Bridge "City Light" lighting system, the lighting system uses full-color LED lamps, which can display a variety of colors, while greatly reducing energy consumption. The designer introduced that the full bridge commissioning is to integrate nearly 2000 lamps into the control system, so that all the lamps remain synchronized when the color changes.

The landscape lights on the Waibaidu Bridge are full-color LED lamps. The lamps have red, green and blue chips inside, and the computer in the control center adjusts the different proportions of the three colors to produce different colors. The design of the landscape lighting, the lighting designer of Shanghai City Light Lighting Design Co., Ltd. Ying Jinsong said that in the new landscape lighting, the seven types of lamps add up to nearly 2,000, originally only 490, but the energy consumption Reduced by more than 30%. The lights and the changing colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple are in harmony with the nearby Shanghai Tower, Pujiang Hotel and the Oriental Pearl in the distance, creating a different atmosphere of dignified elegance, or exuberant, or new fashion.

Figure: New lamp body hidden in the bridge

The Waibaidu Bridge can be said to have a classical and modern intersection, which also determines its special needs for lighting colors. Therefore, the new landscape lighting is divided into two modes, usual and festive. The main color of the usual mode is warm yellow. In the holidays or some important activities, the landscape lighting will turn into a variety of shades to match the atmosphere and echo the colorful night lights of Pudong Lujiazui. Since the power supply has not yet been fully in place, the test light has only been part of the landscape lighting on the entire bridge, and the last batch of lamps is also being installed. It is understood that as the traffic is approaching, the range of test lights will gradually expand. On the night of the opening of the first April, colorful lights will also help.

Photo: Waibaidu Bridge colorful lighting puzzle

About Shanghai Overseas White Bridge

Waibaidu Bridge is one of the landmarks of old Shanghai. In order to cope with the Bund's comprehensive traffic reconstruction and underground passage construction, and repairing the bridge, in April 2008, the Waibaidu Bridge was removed from the original part except the pier and sent to Shanghai Shipyard for overhaul, and on February 25, 2009. The "ride" barge returned to its original position. At present, the returning Waibaidu Bridge is undergoing landscape lighting lighting commissioning, and engineers have designed a lighting system called “Light of the City”. The Waibaidu Bridge project will resume operation in April.

Picture: Red light effect of Waibaidu Bridge

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