Get rid of overseas reliance on Samsung LED and other Korean factories to cross the upstream sapphire crystal rod

South Korean LED factories such as Samsung LED have been actively increasing since the first half of 2009, driving South Korea's status in the global LED industry to grow, but its LED sapphire crystal sticks still rely on overseas. In this context, LCD backlighting Korean manufacturers such as module manufacturer Hansol LCD, semiconductor fab LG Siltron, and semiconductor equipment factory Biemt have established their business plans for LED sapphire crystal rods.

Hansol LCD is the main Korean LCD backlight module factory cooperated by Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics). It penetrated the LED upstream sapphire field in the first half of 2010, and not only invested in the Korean LED sapphire crystal rod cutting factory-Crystal On, but also plans to end of 2010. Formerly mass-produced LED sapphire crystal rods.

LG Siltron is a subsidiary of LG Group. It uses semiconductor wafers as its existing business and is a field of LED sapphire crystal rods. LG Siltron has set up LED sapphire crystal rods and cutting research and development lines at the end of 2009. Not only that, but also plans to build a new factory for LED sapphire crystal rods.

Biemt is a Korean semiconductor equipment factory. It introduced the LED sapphire crystal rod process technology in the second half of 2009, and plans to mass-produce it from the end of October 2010. It will be based on a 6-inch LED sapphire crystal rod.

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