LED prices fell in the third quarter, there is still pressure to cut prices in the fourth quarter

Recently, LED industry research institute LEDinside said that according to the latest price survey report of the agency, due to the large changes in the demand for LED applications in Q3 in 2010, including large-size panel inventory adjustment and lighting demand are not as expected, showing a sharp drop. The situation has led to a large drop in LED prices. Among them, LEDs for large-size panel applications fell by about 11-16%; while high-power LEDs for lighting applications fell by more than 17%. In the mobile phone segment, due to the relatively stable demand, the price of LED is relatively stable, and the quarterly adjustment is only about 3-4%.

2010 Q3 LED price in the medium and large size backlight application, due to the panel shipment status is not as expected, under the effect of manufacturers to adjust shipments and LED demand slowdown, the price of TV backlight application LED-mainstream specification 5630 is lowered by about 11%, the price About US$0.17-US$0.12; computer-related backlighting applications include notebook and LCD screens, and the price drop is also between 12%-16%.

LEDinside pointed out that at this stage, LED products for mobile phone backlight applications, including 0.4t and 0.6t, are expected to decline by about 3-4% due to stable shipments and relatively stable prices.

The high power LED part of the lighting application, due to the new engineering planning and demand is not as expected, coupled with the new capacity has been opened one after another, the supply and demand gap is significantly enlarged, making LED prices appear a serious decline. This quarter, in the mainstream specification 100-120lm, the decline was 20%.

2010 Q4 LED market price outlook

LEDinside estimates that Q4 in 2010 belongs to the quarterly quarterly season of LED. It is expected that the product specifications will not change much. The demand for backlights for new TV models is limited, and the new demand for lighting is still not strong. The downward pressure on prices is not small, and it is estimated that there will be a drop of nearly 10%. The price pressure from the market is expected to gradually stabilize at the end of the fourth quarter of 2010 and the beginning of the first quarter of 2010. This is due to the demand for LED backlights that can be driven by large-size LCD TVs and new LCD models. Gradually, at the same time, it is estimated that the LED lighting demand will have the effect of returning to temperature and other conditions.

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