BYD Lighting: Leading the new concept of “light health”

The 5th China Xi'an International LED Exhibition 2010 was grandly opened on October 22nd at the Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, once again reflecting the importance of lighting, especially health lighting in modern society. As a new force in the LED industry, BYD Lighting adheres to the concept of “health, low carbon and technology” and participates in this exhibition with a large LED product lineup. The exhibition area of ​​225 square meters is the most in this exhibition. At the same time, BYD Lighting's investment projects have also achieved good results. In addition, BYD creatively put forward the concept of “light health”: only mercury-free, UV-free, strobo-free lighting is truly healthy lighting, and the new technology illuminates the true health of human life and becomes the focus and discussion of everyone. focus.

Eliminate mercury pollution, BYD allows you to experience a healthy life

Mercury is a highly toxic metal substance that can cause kidney failure, autonomic disorders and other diseases, and even endanger life. The currently widely used energy-saving lamps are the largest source of mercury pollution. According to relevant data, an energy-saving lamp tube contains an average of 0.5 to 5 milligrams of mercury. For example, in the case of 0.5 milligrams, the mercury is immersed in the ground and causes about 180. The pollution of tons of water, and now most people do not know the harm of waste energy-saving lamps, and treat them with domestic garbage. At present, China consumes about 800 million energy-saving lamps every year. Only this amount is calculated. Even if only one-thousandth of the 800 million energy-saving lamps leak, it will cause 144 million tons of water pollution!

The lighting principle of BYD LED lamps is completely advanced in energy-saving lamps, and mercury is basically eliminated in material selection, so that mercury harm is far away from everyone's daily life.

Stay away from UV rays, BYD allows you to enjoy health care

Ultraviolet rays cause great damage to the human body mainly in the stimulation and harm to the cornea and skin. When the cornea is exposed to ultraviolet light multiple times, it will cause severe pain, and it will also cause tearing, eyelids and conjunctival congestion. Ultraviolet rays are the biggest killer of skin health. Ultraviolet rays not only make the skin darker, but also make the skin dry and painful, and the skin shrinks. Long-term exposure can even lead to skin-like blisters and various pathological changes. In addition to the sun's ultraviolet rays, the energy-saving lamps in the home are also the "invisible killer" that hurts the skin.

BYD LED semiconductor lighting is a kind of solid-state lighting, which can directly convert electricity into light energy and does not contain ultraviolet rays, thus further protecting skin health.

Don't strobe, BYD lets you feel healthy lighting

Strobe is a difficult problem to break through in traditional electric light sources. For example, the fluorescent lamp of the magnetic ballast produces 100 times of light and dark changes per second. In this environment, the computer uses a computer. Usually, the strobe of the fluorescent lamp and the frame of the fluorescent screen flash alternately to form a light resonance, which is very harmful to the human visual system. Large, especially for children, it is easy to make myopia close; in industrial environments, strobo can cause visual errors in mechanical operators, which can seriously endanger life.

BYD LED lights have no stroboscopic light, which can reduce the visual fatigue and stress for children's learning, which will greatly reduce the myopia rate of Chinese students and provide a healthier visual environment for children.

"Light Health" advocates the use of healthy artificial light sources, promotes reasonable, moderate and scientific lighting, and promotes lighting environment that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and beautifying life. BYD cares for health from the source and provides low-carbon and environmentally-friendly LED lighting products to add a bright touch to modern healthy life.

The Description of 3G Rubber Antenna:

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