Yongguang Chemical High Concentration Color Barrier Becomes Industry Benchmark

Yongguang Chemical is the leading brand of IC, LCD and LED photoresist in Taiwan. It provides Taiwan with a complete supply chain of localized LEDs, touch panel photoresists, developer solutions and encapsulants.

Yongguang Chemical focused on FPD yellow light key chemicals, touch panel chemicals (including Add-On, On-Cell process), low temperature polysilicon TFT/LCD photoresist, LED key materials and high concentration color filter in 2009. Developer products, etc. Successfully developed Lift-off special photoresist, improved LED yield and product quality, achieved energy saving and carbon reduction benefits, and laid the next wave of growth. Its ENPD72 high-concentration color photoresist can improve the defects of the residue. It has been certified by the downstream factory and used stably. This product is known as the standard of the new generation of color photoresist and developer.

In terms of TFT-array positive photoresist, Yongguang Chemical develops Spinless and I-line photoresists, which can provide TFT LCD large panel and fine line process. Its high sensitivity positive photoresist and transparent photoresist materials will supply touch. Line photoresist and transparent protective material for panel manufacturers. It also establishes cooperation and verification targets with many technical platforms established by manufacturers, such as copper process products and LED packaging materials. A new generation of color photoresists with developer solution meets the current goal of TFTs to increase color saturation.

LED outdoor lighting provides aesthetic beauty and utility to architecture. It light building, pathways, walls, garden, fountain, etc. almost anything outdoors you want to illuminate. Our high quality fixtures come in variety of finishes, sizes and styles to reflect project requirement.
LED outdoor lights are either a wide voltage AC85-265V system or low voltage 12V/24V system. Of course wide voltage is very convenient for installation and use. Low voltage systems require a transformer or power supply which converts the high voltage to 12V/24V. It has advantages allowing the lighting fixtures to be smaller in size and is safer round people and pets.
Our LED outdoor lighting technology and quality control system will bring the outdoor illumination solution perfectly and make the project more economical in its operation.
LED outdoor lighting cover kinds of category, there are Led Flood Light, street light, High Bay Light, wall washer light, underground light, underwater light, spike light, wall light, step light, Digital Tube light, point light, strip light and other Decoration Lighting.
We are manufacturer, not only product we care, but also lighting solution. You will get suitable advice.

LED Outdoor Light

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