Foreign media comment AirPods: It is best to count this for so many years!

According to foreign media reports, foreign senior technology experts have summarized Apple's products in recent years. In his view, Apple's AirPods wireless headset launched last year can be said to be Apple's best product in recent years, and explains why he will There is such a point of view. The following is the full text.

Foreign media comment AirPods: It is best to count this for so many years!

The following is a short list of products Apple has released in the past few years:

· A stylus that can be touched on the iPad;

· A mouse that needs to be charged when not working

· A smart watch worth $350, but you can buy the same function watch for $150

· Jupiter-sized tablet

· A computer with almost no ports

· A phone without a headphone jack cannot connect to a portless laptop

Apple has been acclaimed for its product design, product durability and simplicity. But in recent years, the company has lost its way. Many of its new devices will make users feel like derivatives of old products, or products that look strange, rather than products that are getting better. Consumers also seem to have the same view. In 2016, Apple's profits and revenues showed a downward trend compared to last year, which is the first time that Apple's revenue has declined in the past 15 years.

But in these unskilled gadgets, Apple has indeed released some small and easy-to-use products, such as the wireless headset AirPods like the TIc-Tac box, which is Apple's simplest and best-selling product in recent years. In the era of Tim Cook, which has few Apple products, this wireless headset can be said to be an excellent product, it is very easy to use.

Why is it the best?

Really, they are very easy to use. Apple likes to describe its products as "magic." However, few people think so in recent years, but recently AirPods may rekindle this view. You can pair it with the iPhone. When you open the container with AirPods, a dialog box will pop up on your phone: "Connect [your name] AirPods". There is no Bluetooth settings, no connection to a local Wi-Fi network, and no typical IoT device settings. Just open the box and connect to play music. I have tried a lot of wireless headphones before, and no one can start using it so easily.

AirPods can also be connected to other non-Apple devices, such as regular regular headphones (there is a button on the device that can be used to find other devices or be discovered by other devices). In theory, AirPods will automatically connect to any Apple device associated with your iPhone's iCloud account, but in practice, I found that this is only sometimes the case. Sometimes I have to manually select my AirPods headset from the Bluetooth menu to connect them to other Apple devices.

They come with their own charging device. The small toolbox will also start to do some useful things: accommodating these gadgets. It's like Snap and Snapchat glasses. Apple officials said that AirPods' boxes can provide 24 hours of charging, while AirPods can last up to five hours after being fully charged. However, I have a different experience in this aspect. I don't know if my AirPods battery is different, just like Apple's latest MacBook Pro has battery effects.

They work independently and have automatic pauses. If you pull out an AirPod, it will automatically pause no matter what you are listening to. If you take both at the same time, it will also pause. If you seem to miss the mid-range Bluetooth headset, you can also use an AirPod to listen to music and make phone calls.

They are very small. AirPods is much smaller than the average size of other wireless headset devices. Its box is also easy to put in your pocket, which means you can take it anywhere. They are also charged the same way as the iPhone, and you can use the same data cable, so you only need to carry one data cable.

Siri is right in your ear. If you want to have a personal digital assistant, AirPods is a perfect choice. Just double-click on the headset on one side and you can easily activate Siri, giving you the feeling that you are like the Joaquin Phoenix in the movie "Her."

Their prices are reasonable. Apple products are often in expensive market terminals, but this wireless headset is really cheap. For $150, Bose's wireless headset costs only $10 less than Apple. Apple's subsidiary Bose Audio's newer wireless headset is about $40, but unlike AirPods, AirPods' two headsets work separately, and it looks more like an Apple-free EarPods headset without wires.

Is there anything wrong with it?

They look silly. EarPods has been a must-have accessory for the iPhone and iPad since 2012, although it doesn't have a beautiful design. There is no line connection between the two headphones of the AirPods, and its poles are in a suspended state, because from a distance, you are wearing a very strange ear piercing.

They are not suitable for everyone's ears. Just like Apple's wired headset, for some people, AirPods may be too big, too small, and there may be no way to fit everyone's ears. Some people will worry that it will shake very much and the stability is not good, but I have not encountered such a problem so far. Other critics seem to have not encountered any problems with AirPods running.

Siri is still useless. This will be the best way to show great Siri everywhere, but only if she has any use. Apple's digital assistant seldom understands my request, and it has tried to take me to the Safari search results page, which is obviously a failure. In your iPhone Bluetooth settings, you can switch the way AirPods activates Siri to pause or play whatever you are listening to. I found Siri to be more useful in this case.

There are no skip songs or volume adjustment buttons. Oddly enough, Apple lets you activate Siri by double-clicking on AirPods, but there are no other clicks. If there is another way to use headphones to skip songs or adjust the volume without having to call Siri in a crowded subway, AirPods will be even more perfect.

Should you get them?

of course!

If you have an iPhone and like to listen to music while commuting, or to make frequent calls while on the go, AirPods is a perfect choice. They won't replace anti-noise headphones in long-haul aircraft, high-end headphones that can listen to physical audio, or headphones that let people enter the "I am exercising." But if you are a casual listener, AirPods will be a great choice. After a long time of use, I felt that Apple created a good product that didn't need to try to do too much, but could do it.

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