Is the TV screen not big enough? This large-screen TV to see Spring Festival is called cool!

The long-awaited Spring Festival is coming soon. The most important program besides visiting friends and relatives is the “Spring Festival Evening Gala”. It's hard to reunite with the family once a year, if it's because of the poor picture quality of TV. Experience, there will indeed be a lot of regret, so during this period to buy a high-definition screen smart TV is even more important.

In order to have a better viewing experience for the Spring Festival Gala, when selecting a smart TV, it is necessary to select from two important conditions: the quality of the picture and the size of the screen. Then Xiaobian recommends a few artifacts suitable for watching the Spring Festival Gala today!

No.1: Haier LS58A51 (see details)
Features: UHD LCD Monitor, 4K Ultra Clear

Haier LS58A51 appearance is the use of traditional smart TV's body cool black style, dignified atmosphere, texture is simple, using UHD ultra-high-definition LCD screen, combined with Haier's own research and development of 4K widescreen engine technology, high-performance ultra-high-definition display, 4-core 64-bit processing , can be almost 0 delay to open the application of the sofa butler, stereo audio system, a variety of audio modes to switch, the contents of carrying excellent video content Youku, film and television drama, variety, large to see to see combined video preloading technology, you can see Loading, watching more fun, support for multi-screen interaction, mobile phone remote control, voice-activated TV, mobile phone can also act as a gamepad, play a variety of games, enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable game world!

Recommended reason: Haier LS58A51 as a fine living room TV Haier carefully created, whether it is the screen size or content configuration can be perfect for living room entertainment, if you have such a large-screen TV to see the Spring Festival Evening, it is estimated that the mood will be much better.
Price: 3099 yuan

No.2: Skyworth 58V6 (see details)
Features: 18 core processors. 4K ultra clear

The appearance of Skyworth 58V6 adopts all-metal stitching technology, which combines the high-end texture of metal and modern technology. The V6 is equipped with a 4K smart chip, a genuine 18-core processor, and a newly designed VPU solution designed to decode 4K video and 4K image engine technology. , so that ordinary TV's 2K picture quality also has 4K effect, built-in independent 4 cavity professional audio decoding technology, effectively restore the sense of presence, content contains GITV + iQIYI 2 million hours of HD genuine video resources, big-screen big horizon, want to see See, at the same time, V6 supports DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast, easy to play somatosensory games inside the sofa butler, pick up the mobile phone at home, entertainment and fitness, and V6 is also a child learning assistant, built-in all kinds of children's learning resources, full care The child grew up and escorted for love.

Recommended reason: Skyworth 58V6 expensive value, in the living room is simply an ornament, behind the high value is the high configuration, see all kinds of video there will be no Caton situation, let you see the Spring Festival Gala!
Price: 3999 yuan

No.3: Konka A58U (see details)
Features: 64-bit processor, 4K large screen

The appearance of the Konka A58U uses a high-definition squat frame, which is beautifully polished and polished. The polished base is more textured and luxurious. The Konka A58U uses a high-quality 4K screen with a resolution that is four times that of 1080P and delivers a vivid picture quality. Equipped with a true color wheel engine technology independently developed by Konka, the color is more beautiful, the image is more realistic, the CPU uses Hass 64-bit processor, to achieve PC-level computing speed, while equipped with 1G + 4G high-speed memory, so that the driving capability, Konka easy grapefruit 5.0 System, immersive UI operation is simple, built-in online video software can be connected to the Internet to watch TV, and you can also install a sofa butler to further expand the content, rapid WIFI, faster transmission, protection of all types of live without stalling Play, H.265 hard decoding technology, decoding ability, with HDMI HD cable can achieve lossless transmission.

Recommended reason: Konka as the domestic TV brand's oldest brother, in the quality of the TV can be very assured, while the CPU uses Hass 64-bit processor, to achieve the PC-level computing speed to see the Spring Festival Gala when the screen to a smooth stop!
Price: 3199 yuan

No.4: Sharp LCD-58S3A (see details)
Features: LED backlight, 4K Ultra HD

Sharp LCD-58S3A simple and elegant overall outline, cool black border golden base, detailed design is not simple and detailed. The configuration is equipped with a strong 4-core processor, 4K high-definition display excellent picture quality, brings you a clear world, LED backlight source, beautiful and not missed, in the dark can also show positive black and brilliant colors, H.265 High-efficiency video decoding technology, fast playback, clearer picture quality, Andrews smart system, clear main interface, simple UI, direct connection to knowledgeable, online on-demand, massive video, applications, etc. You experience, and you can download the sofa butler, There are more exciting free movies to watch, 2.1-channel surround sound, bringing deep bass enjoyment, open the new world of audiovisual, rich interface, easy to connect new and old TV, wonderful no longer miss.

Recommended reason: Sharp LCD-58S3A beautiful appearance, beautiful atmosphere in the living room, the configuration is also very high, the daily needs can be run smoothly, of course, see the Spring Festival Evening is natural, it is also very worthwhile to start.
Price: 4999 yuan

No.5: TCL D58A620U (see details)
Features: 10 nuclear intelligence, LED ultra clear screen

TCL D58A620U extracts natural soft lines on the exterior and is meticulously meticulous. The silver frame is adorned with a deep display. The color is shining and full of texture. The clock frequency of the TV CPU is as high as 1.4Ghz. Under the scene of the TV Android system, faster, smoother and more responsive, the 4K ultra-high-definition resolution display is clear at a glance, raising the details of the screen to a completely new level. High-speed wifi, whether it is to watch the 4K movie in the sofa butler or playing games, no pressure, IMAX-level sound effects, performance in the full range sound more appropriate, interpretation of extraordinary sound quality, viewing video content is not the same, the integration of multiple large The content of the video platform is specially created for Internet TV. The differentiated content is clear and easy to find.

Recommended reason: TCL also as a domestic smart TV's veteran companies, the requirements of excellence, but also let this D58A620U become a very successful product, good value, high configuration, known as Spring Festival Gala artifacts should not be Go ahead.
Price: 3799 yuan

Although these smart TVs are relatively good, they do not have the ability to watch TV broadcasts. Therefore, if you want to see the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala, you need to download live software such as "Weibo Live" and "TV Cat" from the sofa butler to watch.

Summary: Spring Festival to buy TV to see the Spring Festival Gala, can not just look at the shopping mall in the gods of the ad, only to really understand the configuration can be selected to a suitable TV, such as Haier UHD ultra-high-definition LCD screen, combined with Haier independent research and development of 4K widescreen engine technology It can largely guarantee that TV programs will not get stuck because of configuration reasons. The special 4K decoding technology of Skyworth 58V6 makes the 2K video effect look very similar to the effect of 4K. The Spring Festival Evening is clearer and the Konka A58U is independently developed. Color wheel engine technology, more colorful colors, images more realistic, Sharp LCD-58S3A LED backlight technology for the black display more delicate, put an end to the situation Huaping, TCL D58A620U good configuration to protect the smooth viewing of the Spring Festival Gala at the same time, its rich video The content can also let you burst into the whole holiday, so buying a TV can not only buy expensive, after all, is the best for their own.

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