July 3 News: Smart Watch / PM2.5 Monitoring / Rare Earth LED

The industry's smallest and most accurate lithium-ion battery fuel gauge IC

A few days ago, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of the industry ’s smallest and highest precision lithium-ion battery fuel gauge integrated circuit. The latest bq27421 can extend portable medical equipment (such as wearable health monitoring equipment), industrial equipment (such as inventory scanners and portable Emergency lights) and battery life of other consumer electronics products.

The bq27421 system-side fuel gauge in a 9-bump chip scale package (WCSP) uses TI ’s proven Impedance Track advanced battery technology commonly used in tablets and smartphones to accurately report remaining battery capacity, state of charge, and battery voltage , Which can extend the battery life of portable devices by 50% or even longer.

Editor's interpretation:

Users of portable electronic products need to accurately predict remaining battery capacity in order to better manage mobile devices. TI Fuel Gauge provides consumers with their reliable battery information, which not only maximizes the convenience of battery-powered devices, but also Extend battery life.

Compared with competing monitors, the integrated sensing resistor and miniature 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.5 mm WCSP package can achieve the smallest overall solution size.

Tencent 2013 Partner Conference Held on July 3

The Tencent Partner Conference will be held on July 3 at the Beijing National Convention Center. In addition to the main venue with the theme of "opening and reforming", this conference will also set up five "QQ · opening", "marketing and reforming", "games and boutique", "WeChat · public" and "cloud · sharing". The sub-forums basically cover Tencent's current and future main development directions. Tencent will work with its partners to fully share the development concepts of PC and mobile Internet and the latest industry opportunities.

Standing on top of the wave of mobile Internet, Tencent's overall opening strategy will be fully upgraded. In the past two years of opening up, what are the win-win results achieved by Tencent and its partners, and how will the road to open up in the future go forward, perhaps we can find the answer at this annual conference.

If our dream in the past was to build a one-stop online life platform, then today, I want to push this dream forward, that is, to create a new Internet ecology with no boundaries and open sharing.

Editor's interpretation:

The mobile internet wave has swept all industries, such as Internet of Vehicles, cloud computing, and mobile games. The market competition has already begun. Tencent also wants to use WeChat to move towards a broader future and internationalization. New industry opportunities are constantly emerging. The emergence of a new Internet ecosystem.

The scale of information consumption in 2015 will exceed 2 trillion

A person from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently revealed that information consumption has become the most active consumer hotspot in recent years. It is estimated that in 2015, China ’s final information consumption will exceed 2 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%. In the future, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the formulation and introduction of policy measures to expand information consumption.

Editor's interpretation:

With the continuous introduction of policy support, information consumption will continue to be stimulated, especially the recent launch of 4G, and the development of mobile internet will enter a peak period.

Policies push PM2.5 monitoring market expansion

The Ministry of Environmental Protection's website issued a notice on July 1 requesting provinces and regions across the country to accelerate the second phase of air quality monitoring (mainly with PM2.5 monitoring), and specifically emphasized that all localities should actively raise funds to accelerate air quality monitoring Equipment bidding work to ensure that 116 cities completed the second phase of monitoring and implementation tasks by the end of this year.

Editor's interpretation:

With the support of policies, the environmental monitoring industry will develop rapidly. Now, with the increasing attention of management departments on environmental pollution issues, especially air pollution issues, PM2.5 monitoring is expected to erupt under the requirements of relevant regulations. This is good for the wireless sensor network and remote monitoring industry.

Lithium battery car industrialization obstacles removed

Beijing Guoneng Battery Technology Co., Ltd. reported yesterday that the pure electric bus products produced by Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co., Ltd. have exceeded 300 kilometers after a single charge under the conditions of urban conditions, full occupants and air conditioning. This model is equipped with 160WH / Kg high-performance lithium iron phosphate power battery produced by Beijing Guoneng Battery Technology Co., Ltd. According to industry insiders, this means that the lithium iron phosphate power battery has achieved a major breakthrough in battery life, which will remove a major obstacle to the industrialization of lithium battery vehicles.

Editor's interpretation:

Electric vehicles will be the direction of future vehicle power, and batteries are the most important bottleneck. The breakthrough of lithium iron phosphate battery technology will effectively promote the popularization of electric vehicles.

3D printing technology makes another breakthrough

This year's 3D printing technology, which has gradually attracted the attention of the society, has recently achieved another breakthrough. It is reported that a Chilean 3D printing company used brain waves for 3D printing for the first time and achieved success.

Editor's interpretation:

Although the current domestic 3D printing technology lags behind the world's advanced level, with the gradual maturity of the industry and the continuous breakthroughs in core technology, people in the industry continue to raise their expectations for the future development of the industry, so 3D printing has great potential.

Apple wants to expand solar power station

According to foreign media reports, Apple is planning to build a solar power station in the Reno data center. Its technology and equipment partners have selected NV Energy from Nevada. It is understood that the new power plant in Reno will also provide 18-20 megawatts of power generation, like Apple's two power plants in North Carolina, and the new power plant will be built by solar power company SunPower.

Editor's interpretation:

Solar energy is clean energy. Although there have been photovoltaic double-reverse investigations before, it cannot stop the pace of photovoltaic development. The 7.5GW of the world's largest solar power station, which is a joint venture between China's Central Corporation and SunPower in China, has been noted. Together, it is very likely to replicate on a large scale around the world, so as to realize the dream of global blue sky replacing coal.

Renewable energy projects are critical to our future development, so companies such as Apple use solar energy in innovative ways to power their data centers. This phenomenon is exciting. As the benefits of solar energy and other renewable energy sources become more and more obvious, we will see more companies follow Apple's approach.

Rare earth LED luminescent material application has achieved international breakthrough

According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences website on July 3, the "Research and Development of Rare-Earth LED Light-emitting Materials with Controllable Afterglow Lifetime and Their Application in Semiconductor Lighting" jointly developed by Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chengdu Sichuan Xinli Light Source Co. Appraisal of achievements organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The expert group believes that this original rare earth luminescent material has effectively solved the problem of stroboscopic AC LED lighting equipment that has not been broken internationally, and has achieved a leap from basic research to industrialization, reaching the international leading level, making China a world The only country that masters the production of low-frequency flash AC LED products through rare earth phosphors.

Editor's interpretation:

It is estimated that by 2013, the market size of rare earth luminescent materials for energy-saving lamps in China will reach 8,000-10,000 tons, with a compound annual growth rate of 21%. LED lighting is increasing its popularity, energy saving is the theme, and related technologies will be mainstream.

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