TD chip industry process is fully synchronized with FDD Qualcomm Xiaomi unveiled at the high-tech fair

On November 16th, at the "2012 China International High-Tech Achievement Fair", well-known chip companies such as Marvell, MediaTek, Spreadtrum, Chuangyi, and Qualcomm demonstrated the latest achievements of TD chips. Among them, Marvell demonstrated the 4G communication processor PXA1802 that supports TD-LTE and LTE FDD at the same time, fully supports TD-LTE, LTE FDD, HSPA +, TD-SCDMA and EDGE and other standards, and announced the TD chip and FDD standard Industrial process with fully synchronized chips.

The Hi-Tech Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. TD Industry Alliance (abbreviation: TDIA) joins hands with Dingqiao, Hisense, Nuoxi, Forty-one Institute, MediaTek, Marvell, Spreadtrum, Chuangyi, Shanghai Chuangyuan, Hubei Zhongyou, Xinghe Highlights, Xinyoutong, Century Dingli, National Technology, Baidu, 360, Qualcomm, Xiaomi, Sanyuanda and other companies jointly participated in the exhibition "TD-LTE Special Pavilion of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" to present the latest progress and achievements of the TD industry chain to the audience.

In the TDIA exhibition area, TD terminals, chips, systems, antennas, test instruments and other display areas were set up, which fully demonstrated the outstanding achievements in the global progress of TD-LTE. Among them, MediaTek showed MIFI products MT7138, TD-LTE multi-mode mobile phones, a series of TD mobile phones containing MediaTek chips, Chuangyi 40nm process WarpDrive 5000 baseband chips for smartphones, data cards, MIFI, CPE and other mature models Products, as well as professional terminals for industry private networks, Spreadtrum single-chip dual-card, three-card and four-card baseband chips, single-chip multi-mode TD-SCDMA RF transceiver, single-core low-power TD-SCDMA smart phone platform, etc. Qualcomm 3G / 4G-LTE (TDD / FDD) multi-mode chipset, LTE TDD multi-mode smart phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and other products are competing for appearance, attracting the attention of a large number of professional audiences.

The latest, coolest and trendiest TD terminals from Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, HTC, Coolpad, Hisense and other companies are displayed in the TD mobile phone wall. Among them, the theoretical Internet speed of Hisense's TD-LTE Internet card LD601 and LD602 products reached 100Mbps downlink speed and 50Mbps uplink speed-several times the speed of the existing optical fiber Internet, which brought audiences a new user experience beyond wired Internet. National Technology showcased TD-LTE USB data card, TD-LTE indoor CPE, outdoor CPE, TD-LTE / TD-SCDMA multi-mode MiFi and other products.

In terms of test instruments, you can see test instruments such as T6280 terminal comprehensive tester and TD-LTE frequency sweeper from Shanghai Chuangyuan Instruments, SP8200 LTE terminal RRM radio resource management conformance test system (GCF TP122) and SP8300 protocol Analyzer (GCF TP130), a series of TD-LTE products such as LTE WaveSurfer air interface monitor, LTE traditional drive test instrument and LTE automatic drive test instrument, and Hubei Zhongyou TD-LTE wireless terminal comprehensive tester Wait.

The system equipment manufacturer Xinyou Communications has demonstrated TD-SCDMA / TD-LTE integrated BBU products, full-band, common platform RRU products, and flexible deployment of core network products. Nokia Siemens showcased the latest system equipment solutions. In addition, Dingqiao conducted a demonstration of a wireless TD-LTE multimedia emergency communication vehicle at the exhibition site. Antenna company Sanyuanda demonstrated antenna products such as FAD built-in combiner smart base station antenna, FAD miniaturized high-gain smart base station antenna, GSM / TD-SCDMA dual-mode base station antenna.

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