Several Wifi wireless network access methods and methods of formation

1 Build a wireless local area network (connect to WIFI through a wireless router)

Advantages: better scalability and flexibility, wireless network coverage is larger, as long as the wireless signal is found at home or near the home, you can use the small 7 to connect to achieve Internet access anytime, anywhere, compared to GPRS It ’s a lot, and there is no need to pay additional traffic fees (of course, the broadband fee at home is to be paid ...)

Disadvantages: The overhead is slightly larger, and you need to purchase an additional wireless router. In addition, a major problem in setting up a home LAN is security, especially when using broadband Internet access. The security performance of the wireless network is poor, and the transmitted information is easily compromised by others.

How to set up a home area network.

The method and content of ADSL with wireless router are basically summarized by the content to be described below. Although the different brands of wireless routers will make the operation interface very different, but the situation is inseparable, and the methods of analyzing and solving problems are similar.

(If you encounter problems with no gateway response, please pay special attention to steps 2 and 5)

1. After starting the router and logging into the router management page, the browser will display the administrator mode interface.

Generally speaking, the URL of the management page is on the user name and password manual, and it is also used by different brands.

2. For broadband users, you need to set the connection type to (PPPoE) and enter the broadband user name and password.

What is the significance of this step?

Many broadband users now create a new virtual dial-up connection on the computer (some also use third-party dial-up software). Each time you surf the Internet, you must first tap the broadband connection to connect to the network; and the so-called PPPoE is used for machines with Ethernet For virtual dialing, the purpose of setting the WAN port setting type as PPPoE is to transfer the dialing work originally performed on the computer to the wireless router to automatically run. In this case, as long as the wireless router is turned on in the future, the automatic dialing connection will be performed, no need A broadband connection is running on the computer.

Time-limited broadband users should pay attention: after setting this item, turn on the wireless router to start timing and billing, so if you want to disconnect the network to stop billing, you need to turn off the wireless router; for monthly broadband users, it does not matter.

Special reminder: This step is the premise and key to the establishment of a home wireless LAN. Skipping this step may easily lead to no gateway response after connecting to the small 7 because the broadband virtual dialing cannot be performed on the mobile phone.

3. Turn on wireless routing. Select the basic setting of wireless parameters in the menu. The detailed settings are as follows. The meaning of each parameter is:

SSID number: This item identifies the network name of the wireless network, which is the name you give to your own wireless network. Since wireless routers or APs launched by the same manufacturer all use the same SSID, it is recommended to name your SSID as Some more personalized names. Can only use a combination of numbers and letters, not Chinese.

Frequency band: This item is used to select the frequency band in which the wireless network works, and the selectable range is from 1 to 13.

Mode: This item is used to select the working mode of the router. There are 11M bandwidth 802.11b mode and 54M bandwidth 802.11g mode (the mode is compatible with 802.11b).

Turn on the wireless function: If you want to use the wireless function of the router, you must select this item, so that the host in the wireless network can access and access the wired network.

Allow SSID broadcast: This function is used to broadcast the SSID number of the router to the host in the wireless network.

If you do n’t want your wireless network to be searched by someone else by SSID name, then it ’s best to “disable SSID broadcasting. Your wireless network can still be used, but it wo n’t appear in the list of available networks that others have searched for. In windows

XP wireless connection management tool can not scan the wireless network, you need to set up or use third-party software to scan.

4. Turn on security settings.

Select the WEP security type, that is, set a password for the wireless local area. The router will use the basic WEP security mode of 802.11.

5. MAC address filtering.

MAC address filtering function

Allow or deny computers in the wireless network to access the WAN through the MAC address, and effectively control the users' access rights in the wireless network. The filtering function can prevent computers with certain MAC addresses from accessing the wireless network or only allow computers with these MAC addresses to access the wireless network, preventing external unknown wireless devices from unauthorized access to the network.

Tips: What is a MAC address?

The English full name is Media Access Control (Media Access Control), also called physical address, which is an identification to identify local area network nodes. In the physical transmission process at the bottom of the network architecture, the host is identified by the physical address. In a word, the MAC address is equivalent to the ID number of the network card, and its encoding is globally unique.

The MAC address of Xiao7 can be queried by entering * # 62209526 # on the standby interface. The picture below shows my small 7MAC address:

Click Add, fill the searched small 7MAC address into the box, and then save

6. Enable the DHCP server.

The DHCP server can automatically assign IP addresses to computers in the local area network. As shown in the following figure, the start and end addresses of the address pool can be arbitrarily selected, but the range must be between and

If you want to enable a static IP address, the setting method is similar and will not be described here.

After completing the above steps, remember to save and restart the router for the changes to take effect.

For more details, please refer to the router manual. I just listed a few points for setting up wireless routing.

Next, as long as you enter Menu-Tools-WLAN on Mini 7 and open the WIFI connection wizard, Mini 7 will automatically search for all wireless networks in the current area, select the SSID corresponding to the wireless router you set in the available list, and click Connect. Travel the wireless world!

Note: If the wireless router uses DHCP to automatically assign IP, then the WIFI configuration on the mobile phone can be connected by default; if a static IP address is used, you need to specify a fixed IP on the mobile phone to connect, otherwise it will prompt There is no gateway response. For details on how to specify the IP on the mobile phone, see 2.2.

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