Crystal illuminating power and Poly Lighting intend to build a new standard for high-power LED

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Taiwan LED chip manufacturing company Jingguang Electric Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Juko Lighting Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract, the two sides reached a cooperation agreement on LED packaging technology and other projects.

It is reported that the strategic cooperation between Jingfa and Juike is to achieve the first goal of building a new high-power LED industry stability standard. It became the first company in the industry to create a new standard for high-power LED stability.

Jingguang Electric pointed out that Jiangmen's overall competitiveness is strong, at the same time the environment is good, the traffic is convenient, the government has subsidy policy for LED, Jiangmen LED Association also supports and promotes, so it is very optimistic about the cooperation with Poly.

Juke said that in order to develop rapidly, the LED industry must undergo "shuffle". It is necessary to produce a cost-effective, stable quality LED product, which will definitely have a profound impact on Jiangmen's LED area market. Juke pointed out that the country is currently setting industry standards, and the cooperation between Jingfa and Poly will make the products meet European standards.

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