Jingdian clarifies the unpaid leave for employees only to encourage employees to take vacations

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Taiwanese media reported that LED chip leader Jingdian (2448) asked employees to take time off to reduce expenses when the LED industry demand was weak. In this regard, the crystal power is particularly clear.

Jingdian said that the current capacity utilization rate is about 7-8 percent. If the production capacity is not full, staff training will be carried out to improve product yield and efficiency. In addition, employees are only required to make good use of the special provisions of the Labor Law to give employees a proper vacation, to engage in proper leisure activities, to adjust the body and mind, to prepare for the next stage of work challenges, and not to market employees like the market rumors. Put unpaid leave.

Jingdian pointed out that the revenue in July fell to NT$1,458 million, a decrease of 15.7% per month. The current market demand visibility is still low, and Q3 is still unclear. The key point is to observe the time of consumer confidence recovery.

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