BOE 5.5 generation AM-OLED project officially signed to settle in Erdos

[High-tech LED News] Recently, the Ordos Municipal Government and Dongsheng District Government signed the 5.5th generation AM-OLED production line and energy construction project with BOE Technology and Beijing Yuhua Energy.

The municipal government signed the “Project Investment Framework Agreement” with BOE Technology and Beijing Yuhua Energy, and the Dongsheng District Government signed the “Entry Agreement” with BOE and Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics.

It is understood that the project plans a total investment of 22 billion yuan, the product positioning is mainly for small and medium-sized mobile products and TV display modules, the design capacity is 54K tablets / month. At present, the project site leveling project has started, and the product is expected to go offline in 2013. Compared with the traditional liquid crystal panel, the project has the characteristics of self-illumination, light weight, thin thickness, high speed, high brightness, full viewing angle, low temperature resistance and impact resistance.

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