New LED lamps can effectively reduce the incidence of infectious diseases in hospitals

MHA's new patented LED luminaires achieve complete sealing, effectively preventing the accumulation of dust, bacteria and even deadly immune bacteria in a warm light environment; the new LED lamps have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours, without frequent replacement, and must To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to the surrounding environment; the energy consumption of the lamp is only 20% of the traditional fluorescent lamp, and according to the British emission rate, the hospital can get 12 pounds for every carbon saved, thus giving the hospital an extra income. Used to improve the variety of services provided to patients.

To date, MHA has completed numerous lighting modifications for the National Health Service and private health care departments, such as the North Devon Community Hospital. In the wards, corridors and clinics of North Devonshire Hospital, MHA replaces traditional 72-watt fluorescent lamps with 4000K color temperature 20-watt and 30-watt LEDs. These LED lamps have good illumination quality, they are not directly illuminated, but through The reflection is evenly emitted from the side to inspect the patient and clean the device. At the same time, the light intensity of MHA's LED lamps can be adjusted to 5% of the maximum light intensity, which is convenient for patients and staff to rest at night.

LBYLED module is one of the top LED Module suppliers in China. Our module is best for led signs and light boxes at airports, metros, banks, buildings and shopping malls, etc. They played an important role in advertising and promoting the company and some special events. The good Led Module is with even light, good color comformity and long lifespan. Usually led back light module is DC12V and DC24V, now LBY have launched DC110V and DC220V led back light module, which made a great progress in lighting business. 

Back Light Led Module in signs

led module in light box ZF09QB1light box

Edge led module in light box

YX03DD1edge light module



· Disassembling or modifying the product is forbidden.

· Installation with power on is forbidden.

· Any organic solvent chemical is forbidden.

· Acidic or alkaline adhesive is forbidden when install, neutral glass cement could be used for installation purpose, make it drying in open environment for four hours.

· Isolation and corrosion prevention on all wiring points and wire ends.

· Make sure the power wire is thick enough and ensure the voltage and connections are connected correctly before power on.

· This product should be used in a sign, do not expose it in opening site.

· Installation, maintaining should be done by professional staff.

· The power wire between power supply and module should be less than two meters to keep the same brightness on all parts.


About us

LBY is a professional manufacturer specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of LED light for worldwide signindustry.  Since 2004, we have been devoted to designing and producing more efficient and easily-installed LED products. At the same time, we also offer customized design, OEM and work instruction service. Our general target is saving total cost for customers.

Why choos us

LBY has an experience for more than 14 years in led line, skilled workers, advanced equipments and strick control and producing system make us one of the leading company in led business, and we have UL, CE, RoHs, TUV certifications, which fully demonstrated our comprehensive strength.

LED Module

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