Design of In-phase Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Based on LM1877

The following figure shows the LM1877 designed split-phase power supply in-phase audio power amplifier circuit, which consists of input stage, tone control circuit and output stage. The tone control section can be used to control the attenuation and boost of the bass and treble by adjusting the potentiometer.

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LM1877 (which is a single-chip dual audio power amplifier with 2W continuous average power per channel, driving 8Ω load, requires few external components. It can be flexibly applied to common internal regulators such as stereo players, tape recorders, etc. Provides a bias and output Q point center for each power amplifier with a high power supply rejection ratio. All gains of the LM1877 are internally compensated. The in-phase audio power amplifier circuit powered by a split power supply is shown below. The circuit uses a transformer and a bridge rectifier circuit to divide the power supply into two, that is, V and V-, and V- is connected to the ground of the original LM1877 circuit, thereby doubling the dynamic range of the amplifier.

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