Laser lighting - a new trend in security night vision

At present, the most commonly used infrared gun-shaped cameras in the security field generally suffer from the problem of unclear imaging at night due to insufficient nighttime fill light. Some key road bayonet and surrounding areas, night surveillance video blur, to the police to investigate the case, suspects, suspected vehicles identified a very large inconvenience and difficulties.

At present, the infrared array lamps for infrared cameras widely used in the security market generally use 42mil 850nm infrared LED chips, rated current is 350mA, two in series, output rated optical power is 500mW, photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 28%, but due to the security market The power supply standard of infrared light is not strictly required. Many merchants use 800mA-1A to supply power to the infrared array lamp, which makes the LED chip over-current work, which seriously affects the reliability of the array infrared. Generally, after three months, the infrared light will appear. Severe light decay, resulting in insufficient fill light at night, affecting the clarity of the surveillance picture.

Shandong Inspur Huaguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. recently launched laser lighting modules ranging from 30 meters to 100 meters in the fill range: HG81M-N series and HG81M-W series, mainly for filling the light within the monitoring range of 100 meters. HG81M-N series is mainly used in the gun-shaped camera to replace the infrared array lamp currently used in the market; HG81M-W series is an independent laser fill light module, with large divergence angle and long illumination distance, mainly used for road and community card fill Light.

Laser lighting modules have the following main advantages:

The laser uses a 808nm semiconductor laser and uses aluminum-free active area technology for high reliability and high temperature resistance. The lifetime of the laser exceeds 25,000 hours.

The laser beam is homogenized by a random microlens optical array, and the exit spot is lasing uniformly and delicately.

Reasonable laser heat dissipation design ensures good heat dissipation of the laser lighting module and flexible installation.

The drive circuit has low open circuit voltage, low surge, low noise, and has a photosensitive delay function.

Green energy saving, laser photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 55%.

In addition, for the field of long-range laser illumination, we have developed a laser zoom illuminator that can match the laser high-speed ball and the remote monitoring camera. The HG81LI-Z series has an illumination distance of 300 meters, 1000 meters, 2000 meters, and adopts a stepping motor. The internal mechanical cam is controlled, the control precision is high, and the infrared zoom camera can realize synchronous continuous change. The optimized optical design scheme is adopted, the spot is fine and uniform, and there is no speckle phenomenon; the laser adopts 810 nm aluminum-free high performance semiconductor laser, and has high temperature resistance. Strong, photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than 55%, life expectancy is up to 30,000 hours, can be widely used in safe cities, safe rural areas, oil fields, drilling platforms, border defense, railways, airports, docks and so on.

As a new active infrared technology, laser infrared technology has matured and has obvious advantages over LED infrared technology: clearer shooting picture, wider monitoring range, longer service life, more energy saving and higher cost performance. At this stage, the civilian market is still mainly occupied by LED infrared lamps, and laser infrared is currently only used in special fields. With its superior performance advantages, laser night vision will surely achieve large-scale application in the civilian field.

Inspur Huaguang is working hard to promote the popularization of laser night vision. Laser lighting products will change the pattern of infrared surveillance market with excellent performance and high cost performance. (This article is submitted by Inspur Huaguang)

HG81M-N series

HG81M-W series

HG81LI-Z series

HG81M-N series lens focal length 8mm

HG81M-W series lens focal length 6mm

HG81M-N series lens focal length 12mm

HG81LI-Z-300 lighting effect

HG81LI-Z-1000 lighting effect

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