Spring Festival 2015 or reduce the use of LED

Spring Festival 2015 or reduce the use of LED

The preparations for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Sheep may be the most jubilant one in recent years. The “CCTV Spring Festival Gala” symposium on October 26th made its debut for the Spring Festival Evening, and this symposium only A substantive content was revealed to the outside world - the Spring Festival Evening Festival.

This is not the first time that CCTV has proposed the concept of frugality. The Spring Festival Gala directed by Feng Xiaogang changed the luxury of the previous sessions last year. It dismantled the LED stage that extended into the audience during the Chinese New Year of the Snake, changed the route back to the original, and even made a big red on the top of the stage. Lanterns hung high, such a low-key dance, has been away from the Spring Festival for many years. The Spring Festival Evening of the Year of Horse has already saved this point. Can it be saved in the Spring Festival Gala?

Provincial props: recycling of apparel items

After the symposium, they contacted media companies that had served for the Spring Festival Gala over the years. They recognized: “The budget for the Spring Festival Gala this year has not yet come out. The dictates given by the Taiwanese government should be one of the most frugal times in the calendar year. The choreography will be arranged on the existing basis. Kung Fu, you shouldn't buy anything new!"

The Spring Festival Evening in 2003 also boasted that the costume worn by the host was made of expensive brocade. It was hard to see such a grand occasion in recent years. As the saying goes, the troops and horses did not move ahead of the grain, although the previous Spring Festival Evening Director did not confirm, but the notice of frugality has informed the relevant departments and partners. As for how to save the costumes, thousands of years of Chinese traditional wisdom have told us that "the new three years and the old three years will make up for another three years."

During the 30 years of Spring Festival Evening, many used props, plus CCTV has always been a large-scale variety show, costumes and props department must have a large number of inventory, the Spring Festival Gala program is more difficult to arrange, but it also has its own rules, such as The songs, dances, and Peking Operas of the National Grand Party are all stipulated items, and the changes in such costumes are not large. They are similar to each other in age, and can be reused for clothes from last year.

As for the small item props, after the popularity of LED, the Spring Festival Evening Pieces almost no longer use physical props, but instead use the large screen background of the LED.

Provincial dance beauty: LED is the smaller the more the province

Prior to Feng Xiaogang, the Spring Festival Gala led by Havin had used the dance beauty to the extreme. Especially for the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Snake, in order to extend the stage, even some audience seats were dismantled and the stage was extended to the stage. In the spring and evening of that year, 304 LED screens were shared, not only can 360-degree images be presented, but also the holographic projection of the water curtain. It is reported that during the Spring Festival Evening Gala, only the cost of the stage exceeded 300 million. Since the beginning of last year's Spring Festival Gala, Feng Xiaogang has done the opposite, and the ceilings and LED's extending into the audience's seat have all been abandoned. Instead, the red lanterns of Hung Hom are not high-tech gadgets. They appear to be actively responding to the issuance of five ministries. "Frugality Order". The red lanterns hang high and are very year-round.

In this connection, an interview with a person engaged in choreography work, the other said that LED is expensive, installation and commissioning costs are high, coupled with the Spring Festival Gala as a whole, the LED screen in each region will also make harsh video production Claim. In addition to CCTV's live broadcast demand, there must not be any bad screens or temporary dropped chains on the site. Therefore, once the use of LEDs is determined, it will be the absolute bulk of the company's expenses.

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