How the radar speed measurement of car GPS speed radar

Many drivers have experienced a red light or a speeding shot by an electronic eye. Mainly photographed by the electronic eye, the fine is not 200 or 500. In addition to the pain, many drivers and friends are looking for equipment that can detect the signal of the electronic eye. This article makes a shallow principle analysis and function comparison for several types of commonly used equipment. Red light or speeding can easily cause traffic accidents, please ask the driver's friends to think twice.

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Let us first affirm that the radar detector is not an illegal electronic product. It simply accepts the radar wave from the radar speedometer to alert the driver to the speed of the vehicle. Moreover, since this product does not emit radar waves or signals to the outside world, it does not violate China's radio management regulations. This product is completely legal.

First, ordinary radar detector

Let us first talk about the principle of radar speed measurement. The radar speedometer derives the motion speed of the object based on the calculation of the frequency of the reflected wave. The radar beam has a large illumination surface, so the radar speed is easy to capture the target without precise aiming. The radar equipment can be fixed on the road surface or installed on the patrol car. It can detect the speed of the vehicle during the movement. It is an important part of the “mobile electronic police”. Secondly, the radar fixed speed error is ±1Km/h, and the motion error is ±2Km/h, fully meet the requirements for traffic violation investigation, the international use of radar speed has more than 20 years of history, and the technology is mature, the cost from the current situation, the national road is based on the back speed, but There have also been a small number of forward speed tachometers. Most of the highways have positive speed measuring devices. The back direction is that the radar wave and the camera direction are the same as the direction of the car. When the vehicle is overspeed, the camera captures the rear license plate of the vehicle. The forward direction is that the radar wave and the camera direction are opposite to the direction of the car. When the vehicle is overspeed, the camera captures the front license plate of the vehicle. . The principle of the radar detector is very simple, that is, the vehicle owner will decelerate immediately after the radar signal.

Most of the radar detectors are imported. The price is generally between 800 yuan and 5,000 yuan. The performance is very different. The most different is the different frequency bands of radar waves that can be sensed. Because the radar speed measuring equipment of various urban roads in China is from different countries and China. The frequency of using radar waves is different. Some radars in three or four different frequency bands are installed in the same city. Low-end radar detectors can only sense radar waves in one frequency band, while high-end radar detection It can sense radar waves of different frequency bands and even photoreceptors, and it can also prevent laser speed detectors.

In addition, the distance of the sensing is far and near, which also reflects the performance of the radar detector. If the sensing distance is too close, the owner has not been able to decelerate and has already been photographed; if the deceleration is too fast, it is easy to cause a rear-end collision, and the high-end radar detector is The radar wave can be sensed for about one kilometer, and the difference can only be sensed at about 200 meters.

Second, the electronic dog

The first thing I want to tell you about the electronic dog is that it is an illegal device. Because it does not only receive wireless signals, but also transmits wireless signals, this is a violation of China's radio regulations. The price of the electronic dog is between 250 and 500 yuan. It is very convenient to insert the cigarette lighter when using it. It is very simple to detect the electronic eye principle: the manufacturer of the electronic dog pre-embeds a radio transmitter (referred to as the transmitter) in the place with the electronic eye, which transmits the radio signal containing the information code for the characteristics of the line, when the car approaches the transmitter. ** The dog receives the radio signal from the transmitter, decodes the alarm type, sounds the chip pronunciation alarm, and so speed limit. This section is unidirectional, and there are electronic eyes in this section.

The advantage of an electronic dog is its low cost. The disadvantages are: First, most of this product is produced in Shenzhen and Dongguan. Now all the traffic lights in Shenzhen are equipped with electronic eyes. Therefore, the electronic dog will ring, not only lose the meaning of the alarm, but also very noisy, and the product volume is not Adjustment, can not be closed; Second, without approval, such a transmitter is illegal to set up, may also need to be secretly changed, may be removed or destroyed. Third, the transmitter's transmit power should be set appropriately. If it is too small, it will be too late. When it is too large, it will start to be called when it is too large. Sometimes it will be called in the opposite direction, causing false positives. Fourth, ** dogs also have a fatal weakness, limited use, may be effective in some big cities, and can not be upgraded.

Advantages: cheap; soft ribs: illegal, noisy, not safe, limited scope

Third, GPS radar detector

GPS radar detectors can not only do speed radar warnings, but also do traffic light electronic eye warnings; whether the electronic eye is detected by radar wave laser or ground sensing coil, GPS radar detector can alarm. Compared with radar detectors and electronic systems, GPS radar detectors can also identify the direction of the electronic eye. If it is the opposite or cross direction of the electronic eye, it will not alarm, but it needs to pay attention to the Internet to update the data during use. Another point is, If you find that there is no mark on the map, please mark it on the map by "point of interest" so that you can use it only later. In addition, the GPS radar detector can also set the alarm advance amount, such as 300 meters or 500 meters; if the car does not overspeed at that time, it can not alarm, save the annoyance, in addition, regardless of the electronic eye, the GPS smart dog can remind the owner The speed limit of the road section is now, whether it is overspeed, etc. In addition, GPS radar detectors can also be used to find gas stations, toilets, parking lots and so on. In addition, the general GPS has a recording function that is readily available. In addition, some GPS smart dogs can report the name of the highway exit, the specific name of the gas station, the name of the road, etc.

Fourth, the conclusion

The high-end radar detector is almost perfect for the anti-reconnaissance of the radar speedometer, and can also fully cope with the mobile radar speed measuring point. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly more expensive. And because of the high sensitivity, the radar reflected wave false alarm rate is higher for the other side road.

Electronic dogs are illegal and cheap, but rely on the smuggled transmitter, which is more limited and more noisy.

The advantages of the GPS radar detector can prevent any kind of electronic eye; and the GPS radar detector can also remind, navigate, and other more uses besides the electronic eye, and it is accepted by the riders.

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