LED lighting product maturity is worrying

At present, the hottest LED street lamp in China is driven by the enthusiasm of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Many people have entered this market and it seems to be the first lighting field. At present, there are 21 pilot cities across the country, with an estimated 1 million baht. The Ministry of Science and Technology plans to approve 50 cities next year, with an estimated 2 million baht. This is Chinese characteristics! It is also the speed of creating China!
However, the maturity of the overall product is worrying; it may also be the first market in the lighting field to be ruined. It is suspected that the LED guardrail light is in the early stage. Is the bubble already serious? Although it is very prosperous and very lively, it is foreseeable that After the government took the money, it will eventually develop a group of good LED optoelectronic technology companies after 2-3 years. This may be the ultimate goal of the government.
Which market is more worth investing in? The lamp cup is one of the first areas where LED lighting started. It has been mainly because the product solution is not mature enough, so it is difficult to apply it on a large scale. From the previous die-casting to the current aluminum extrusion profile; but the products that can really solve the heat dissipation and power supply have not been seen, that is, there is no product solution that can be commercialized.
Although the cost of LED itself has dropped significantly, the market has not had a big improvement. Recently, I have also seen some reports from foreign countries. Toshiba has introduced some products that can solve the heat dissipation and power supply of the lamp cup. If this is the case, I think the market of the lamp cup should follow the T8-led and quickly get up. It is also one of the first areas where LEDs have the potential to grow bigger.
Looking abroad, the first area to be promoted is also in 2, 3, but the LED street light is very cautious. Therefore, I think that the boss who is blind LED street light is likely to become a "revolutionary pioneer", while the other two markets will cultivate the "leading" power of many industries.
The commercialization of T8-LED is about to start LED-like T8 tube application. From the current market product plan, it is close to the commercial product launch, and even considered to be the first market that can be matured. At present, it can be used in parking lots, shopping malls, advertising backlights, etc.; and the current product cost and price are almost close to the commercial application. Good products have mature solutions in optical, heat dissipation, and power handling. The product is also the closest to commercialization. Of course, there are still a large number of low quality products in the market. This is the biggest challenge at the moment. With the introduction of the US Energy Star and the relevant standards of the European Union, I believe that the above problems will be greatly improved, that is to say, the commercialization of T8-LED will also begin. At present, Wal-Mart has begun to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes with T8-LEDs around the world. It can be seen that the hope of this segment is not far off.

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