Apple misfortune? Jobs is accused of only six weeks of life


Jobs' back is very embarrassing

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What would be the "apple" without Jobs? This is a situation in which many "fruit powders" are unwilling to imagine, but unfortunately, this answer is likely to be announced soon.

The famous American gossip weekly NationalEnquirer broke the news that the 55-year-old Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reached the advanced stage of pancreatic cancer and may not survive the next six weeks. The report also distributed a photo taken on the 8th of this month, allegedly by Steve Jobs himself. The people in the photo were shocking.

Apple did not respond to the above report. In the middle of last month, after Apple announced that Jobs had indefinitely sick for health reasons, the stock price plunged 7%.

However, Jobs, who has been guessed to have reached the end of his life, will appear in a closed-door meeting in Silicon Valley on the 18th. US President Barack Obama will "discuss with IT leaders including Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Zuckerberg "to promote the global share of US innovation and new investments in research and development, education, and clean energy." Obama has praised Jobs as the perfect embodiment of the "American Dream."

Weighing only 58 kg?

In 2004, Jobs was treated for a rare form of pancreatic cancer and received a liver transplant in 2009. In January of this year, Jobs once again said that he will take sick leave, but it is different from the previous two times that the specific time for returning to work is different. This time he did not explain how long he will take. As a result, the outside world has a lot of speculation about the health of Jobs. Apple has long said that they will not disclose any news about the health of Jobs.

The latest issue of "State Inquirer" about Jobs' health status has made people who care about Jobs and Apple tremble. The magazine published a group of photos of Jobs allegedly filmed on February 8th. One of them showed that Jobs was coming out of the car and was preparing to go to the Stanford Cancer Center. Jobs in the photo was extremely thin and looked very weak.

According to the "National Inquirer", Jobs, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, has only six weeks of life. The magazine also said that Jobs' weight has dropped to 175 pounds (79 kg) before cancer to 130 pounds (58 kg).

"National Inquirer" quoted physician Gaby Melkin, who has 40 years of clinical experience, as saying, "From this photo, you can find muscle atrophy caused by calorie expenditure in your body. This is caused by cancer. His hips can't see any muscles, and this is the last erosion of pancreatic cancer. It is certain that Jobs has reached the end of his life. If he weighs more than 130 pounds, I will be very surprised." Intensive care doctor Samuel Jack Busson is even more pessimistic: "From the photo, his time is running out. I think there are still six weeks. He looks very embarrassed and has lost a lot of muscles. It’s a bad sign.” A source who recently met Jobs said: “He is very weak and acts like a vulnerable old man. When he walks, he shakes back and forth and seems unable to maintain balance, and each The pain of taking a step is on the face.” Jobs has fought bravely against cancer in recent years, but “National Inquirer” said that only about 4% of patients with pancreatic cancer live more than 5

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