IHS: LED drives digital TV market revenue growth of 16.5% this year

According to research firm IHS iSuppli on the 22nd, due to the excellent performance of light-emitting diode (LED) products, the global digital TV (DTV) semiconductor market is estimated to expand by 16.5% in this (2011) year.

This year's DTV semiconductor revenue is expected to increase from $13.3 billion in 2010 (2010) to $15.5 billion. If the high-growth LED LCD TV market is not listed, the overall DTV semiconductor market will have a revenue growth rate of 4.1% this year.

It is expected that revenue will continue to grow upwards in the next few years and reach $19 billion in 2014.

The strong growth of LED backlight chips this year is exactly the opposite of the decline in overall DTV semiconductor market performance. This year's DTV semiconductor growth rate will be half of the 33% record last year. In contrast, the LED division continues to grow actively, and its performance is expected to surge by 1.384 times from $1.3 billion to $3.1 billion this year.

Randy Lawson, chief analyst of IHS Consumer Electronics, pointed out: "The overall market of DTV semiconductors and the LED sector are running counter to each other, showing different developments in the TV industry. The global TV market shows a general slowdown in growth, especially in the US and Europe. The region also reflects the average decline in the price of TV semiconductors."

According to IHS research, LED chips will generate $5.5 billion in revenue in 2014, and will account for more than 80% of flat-panel TVs, up from $370 million in 2009, when market share was less than 3%.

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