OSRAM Optoelectronics OSLON SSL LED lights up Beijing City

Street lights with OSLON SSL LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors have been installed in three urban areas in Beijing, China. These 120W/180W LED luminaires save up to 50% in energy consumption compared to the 250W/400W sodium halide lamps that are replaced. In addition, these LED street lights provide even illumination for motorists and pedestrians.

These LED street lights are mainly installed in Stadium Road, Beiyuan East Road, Gongxi West Bridge and Xinfadi Road. These roads are busy sections of Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District and Daxing District, and the traffic volume is very large. Therefore, when replacing traditional street lamps, the quality of the lighting must not be affected at all.

Mr. Hu Bing, general manager of Zhongke Huibao Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., who is responsible for assembling and installing these LED street lights, pointed out: “The ideal illumination angle for street lamps is 120° x 80°. We chose OSLON SSL LED from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors as The light source is because the LED's illumination angle is exactly 80°, it is easy to embed in the secondary optics, and our lighting light distribution technology can achieve uniform illumination. In addition, these LEDs have a longer Lifetime, virtually no maintenance required, will minimize the impact on these busy sections."

Most importantly, the installation of this streetlight is a pilot project for LED streetlight applications in Beijing. Its lighting quality and energy-saving features are of great significance for subsequent LED streetlight applications.

Mr. Zhong Jiecong, Marketing Director of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Asia Pacific, said: “Our technology can contribute to the successful application of the LED street lights in the capital. We are very pleased. The package size of OSLON SSL LED is only 3 mm x 3 mm, which is currently on the market. The smallest 1 W high-brightness LED. This LED emits directional light with outstanding performance, so a cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting design can be achieved with a small number of LEDs and a small number of external components. If the LED streetlight application can be extended to other urban areas in Beijing, it can save energy even more."

With the implementation of China's “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities” program, the footprint of LED street lamps will spread throughout China. As the world's largest LED street light market (about 50%), China is expected to continue to promote its dominant position in the market.

Image source: Osram / Zhongke Huibao Technology

Beijing installed a street light with OSRAM SSL LED as the light source to provide uniform illumination for motorists and pedestrians.

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