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Recommended several delicious soymilk practices: Recommended one: honey beauty soy milk ingredients: 40 grams of dried soybeans, 35 grams of mung beans, honey 40 grams method: soy beans, mung beans soaked fully washed and loaded into the "full nutrition star" soymilk net cover Inject a proper amount of water into the cup, start the machine, make a soy milk for ten minutes, and cool it into honey.

MOSO Public LED lighting Driver is a IP67, constant current design for Public lighting application like street light, tunnel light, Flood light, Stadium Light, etc. This Public LED lighting Driver has brilliant waterproof design and universal input voltage range that ensure this LED control gear to be suitable for all of outdoor application use.Public LED lighting DriverPublic LED lighting Driver 1Public LED lighting Driver 2

The Public Lighting LED Driver got global safety certifications, including UL, CE, TUV, CB, ENEC,SAA, BIS, KC, PSE, etc. The LED Driver has universal input voltage, from 90~305Vac. It is a reliable product compatible with various application and different countries.  

The high efficiency of these Public lighting LED Power Supply and compact metal case enable them to run cooler, significantly improving reliability and extend product lifetime to at least 50,000hours.

To ensure trouble-free operation, protection is provided against built-in Surge protection, output over voltage, short circuit, and over temperature.

MOSO grants the product with 5 years global warranty. Customer can refer to Warranty policy, find the closest MOSO distributors or sales representatives, to get a local replacement in case of any failure. 

Public Lighting LED Driver

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