Small body as a LED lighting product nature show

Since its inception, LED has received a lot of attention. Although it is small in size, it has made great progress in lighting applications because of its characteristics that traditional lighting does not have.
Many countries and regions in the world have launched a popularization plan for LED lighting to replace traditional lighting. More and more public lighting also uses LEDs as light sources. What is the characteristic of compact LED lighting, let it shine in the field of lighting, how these features make it work, the author will tell you.
Elimination of incandescent lamps in major countries and regions of the world
LEDs are Light-Emitting Diodes whose principle is electroluminescence, which also makes LED lighting fundamentally different from traditional lighting. In addition, LED lighting as a fourth-generation electric light source also has high-tech technology that is not available in traditional lighting, which makes LED lighting have many characteristics.
The incandescent lamps in this article include tungsten halogen lamps, which include fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps (compact fluorescent lamps), which are described in terms of different lighting products.
The main features of LED lighting products are as follows.
High light efficiency, that is, high energy conversion rate.
This is the main advantage of LED lighting and a major reason for its ability to replace traditional lighting. Since LED lighting products directly convert electrical energy into visible light, it reduces energy waste and makes it the direction of future lighting development. The luminous efficacy of incandescent lamps is 10-15lm/W, the luminous efficacy of fluorescent lamps is 60-70lm/W, and the luminous efficacy of LED lamps can reach 100lm/W. With the development of technology, the luminous efficacy of LED lamps can reach 200lm. /W, is the most energy-efficient lighting product.
Comparison of luminous efficiency of different lighting products
The price is high.
Due to the high development cost of LED lamps, the raw materials of products are also more expensive than traditional lighting. Therefore, the price of LED lighting products is much higher than that of incandescent lamps and more expensive than fluorescent lamps. The current high price is a bottleneck for LED lights to enter the ordinary family. Of course, the price of LED lighting products continues to decline, which is conducive to the promotion of products. Its efficient lighting can also subsidize the saved electricity costs to higher prices, and it still has great advantages in the long run.
Fast response.
The response time of the LED is very short and can reach the nanosecond level, which also makes the "visible light network" possible. Incandescent lamps still have a certain reaction time because they need to energize the filaments first to achieve incandescence. Fluorescent lamps excite mercury vapor to form plasma and emit ultraviolet rays, which are absorbed by the fluorescent materials and emit visible light. Although the reaction time of incandescent and fluorescent lamps is also very short, there is still a certain disadvantage compared with the faster reaction of LED lamps.
long life.
The life of an ordinary lighting incandescent lamp is 1000 hours, the fluorescent lamp can reach 10,000 hours, and the life of an LED lamp can reach 30,000 hours. In a good working environment, the life of LED lamps can reach more than 50,000 hours. This feature also makes the replacement and maintenance cost of LED lamps much lower than traditional lighting products, especially in places with complicated replacement and maintenance work. LED lights.
Comparison of average life of different lighting products
High stability.
The LED lamp is a solid-state lighting (SSL) product. There is no filament, and the outer casing also uses plastic products. Therefore, compared with the traditional lighting products, the LED is more resistant to shocks and other mechanical impacts, and also has a wider application range. Wide, the protection requirements for transportation are also lower, suitable for a variety of lighting environments.
Poor color rendering.
Ordinary lighting incandescent lamps and halogen lamps have excellent color rendering, color rendering index (Ra) can reach 100, with the best color rendering effect; fluorescent lamps have a color rendering index of 70-90, poor color rendering; LED lights The color rendering index is about 70-80, which is slightly inferior to traditional lighting products, but it can also meet the needs of daily life. It is unclear whether the color rendering index is suitable for evaluating the color rendering of LEDs, and whether the calculation method of the conventional color rendering index is suitable for white LEDs remains to be studied. However, it is certain that the color rendering of LED lighting will continue to increase.
Comparison of color rendering index of different lighting products
Less environmental pollution.
Fluorescent lamps are filled with mercury vapor, which will adversely affect the environment after being crushed. There are certain difficulties in recycling, and LED lamps do not have this problem. In addition, the high luminous efficiency of LED lighting also means that its energy efficiency is high, and it consumes less energy than traditional lighting products under the same lighting effect, that is, it has less pollution to the environment.

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