Easystar's latest outdoor large-scale light bar LED advertising screen comes out

Outdoor LED advertising screens face a variety of problems in the application process. Recently, Easystar has developed a new outdoor LED strip advertising screen for advertisers in the use of LED display screens, named: future series.

The simplified cabinet design and the box body can be separated and designed; the cabinet assembly is simpler and more convenient; the installation bracket can be assembled with the whole screen steel structure to control the spacing of the cabinet to avoid the machining error of the steel structure; during maintenance, Only disassemble (single box light bar screen), or single light bar; (single box light bar screen) installation can be easily installed with only two locks; the mask has a snap-on design, flatness is better, and can be used repeatedly The box is made of custom-made stretch aluminum alloy case and weighs only 21kg/M2.

This series of product features is undoubtedly the most desired result for LED advertisers. At the same time, the advent of this large outdoor LED advertising screen brought LED display into the field of air-conditioning LED display, which greatly reduced the cost.

Ridging Machine for Agriculture:

ridging machine for Agriculture can improve the ground temperature and increase the air permeability of the soil, and our ridgers are versatile and used in farm land which is welcomed by ploughing farmers for its plurality of unique advantages. These ridging tractors are of small resistance and high efficiency. Our ridging machine also has advantages of racing against time, saving labor, working efficiency and low cost etc.

Ridging Machine for Agriculture02

Ridging Machine for Agriculture Technical Parameters:

1. Weight: 240KG

2. Operating width: 1400 mm

3. Power: 36.8-51.8 KW

4. Size: 920*1690*1020 (mm)

Typical Applications: can be worked in paddy field, dry land, hilly ground and green house.


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Ridging Machine for Agriculture

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