Samsung launches new LED lighting items

Recently, Samsung "lighting the future · 2013 Samsung LED lighting new product launch conference" was held at the Renaissance Shanghai Longevity Hotel, Samsung launched a new LED lighting single product at this conference.

The newly released products include four series of bulbs, MR16 lamp cups, PAR lamps and Tube tubes. Samsung's new product release shows that Samsung has begun to focus on LED lighting products and pays attention to the layout of the Chinese market.

The products released this time have four characteristics: dimmable, high luminous efficiency, long life and easy replacement. Samsung's LED lighting products can be used not only for lighting, but also for more intelligent control functions through Samsung's smart phone dimming.

LED Street Light which semiconductor lighting, light emitting diode as light source, because it is a solid cold light source, green pollution-free, less consumption, high luminous efficiency, long service life etc, made of LED street light.

LED Street Light is applicable to road, highway, highways, urban streets, sidewalks and other road lighting and square, schools, industrial zone, parks and other outdoor lighting.

LED Street Light

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