Position Tracking Analysis of Car GPS Positioning Hotspot Technology

Throughout the development of GPS navigation technology in the domestic market, we can easily find the infinite possibilities brought by the coexistence trend of wireless technology used in automobiles, and at the same time give us unlimited imagination. The specific performance is that PND is developing into a variety of wireless technologies and location services, while still maintaining an economical feature; Bluetooth has rapidly expanded into personal navigation devices, mainly providing hands-free solutions; Wi-Fi has Used for web access, email access, indoor positioning (when GPS location is not available indoors), and provides content and map updates wirelessly. In addition, cellular technology has expanded the capabilities of Wi-Fi implementation by providing a continuous connection. This provides new location services such as local gasoline prices, weather information, traffic information and dating apps.

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Among the many new GPS navigation technologies, location tracking will be one of the most compelling emerging technologies in the handheld consumer electronics market. Letting users know where they are, this feature will drive the consumer market's demand for related services.

With the recent innovations in GPS technology and the evolution of consumer electronics devices, it has become possible to implement location tracking services in cost-sensitive applications such as cell phones and PNDs, and recently the digital camera market introduced GPS technology to support geotagging. The (Geotagging) function is an example.

In theory, to achieve this position tracking function, only a high-sensitivity radio device is needed for the processor carrying the GPS core software to correctly send and receive information. Although this type of solution has emerged on the market, most application processors have limited MIPS resources and cannot fully perform the functions of the GPS software and the processor core itself.

In fact, the only new hardware required to implement GPS position tracking is an RF transceiver and antenna.

The RF receiver is directly connected to the main processor and simulates the traditional GPS hardware baseband function in software, which significantly simplifies the integration process. For high volume applications, the RF Receiver Module can be used as a reference design directly integrated into the device. For engineers to add location tracking to devices such as PNDs, engineering resources are often available from RF silicon device vendors to simplify the design process.

By removing the separate baseband microprocessor and its associated memory, the GPS receiver can save up to 80% in cost, significantly reducing the marginal cost of adding location tracking, giving the location tracking capability a greater chance of bringing in a wider range of low cost. In consumer products. Based on such cost calculations, as long as these consumer electronics products have color screens and powerful enough main processors, GPS functions can be added. In the future, software baseband solutions will facilitate the promotion of a variety of wireless technologies—from GPS to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a single platform for cost-effective convergence.

The return of rational consumption under the economic crisis has made it possible to guarantee a new generation of safety functions for driving safety. Anti-theft GPS and wireless communication (such as 3G) signals to ensure vehicle safety to achieve alarms after theft of vehicles and tracking of stolen vehicles. The location tracking function is only part of the many applications of the car, so its development prospects are worth looking forward to.

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