Outstanding performance in the famous door - Lexar series U disk

At present, the U disk industry, which has developed to maturity, faces a problem of high homogenization. In the market, the tyrannical battles are fascinating, making it difficult for consumers to find directions. But in this chaotic Red Sea, Lexar, a flash memory brand known for its safety, stability and high quality, is still leading the way in innovation and creating a unique U-disk product with extraordinary creativity.

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Can you imagine transmitting 100 songs in 20 seconds and transferring a full 720P HD movie in 40 seconds? As the leader in USB 3.0 technology, the Lexar JumpDrive Triton USB 3.0 with streamlined metal alloy gives you an ultra-fast solution with read and write speeds of up to 155MB/150MB per second for unbeatable high-speed transmission , highlighting the flagship style.


Lexar USB 3.0 Series USB Flash Drive

With the same USB 3.0 specification, the Lexar JumpDrive S73 is more popular. It is available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, with different color borders and a white body in the center. The 8GB version has a maximum read/write speed of 40MB per second / 10MB per second, and the remaining capacity versions have a read/write speed of 45MB per second / 20MB per second, providing a more economical choice for mass users who want to experiment with USB 3.0 technology.


Lexar USB 2.0 Series USB Flash Drive

For USB 2.0 users who are still in the mainstream, Lexar has a richer solution – the USB 2.0 series of flash drives including the JumpDrive S70, JumpDrive S50 and JumpDrive V10 are unique: if you have files often The need for encryption, I hope U disk has an indestructible firewall, then the JumpDrive S70 preloaded with advanced security software Secure II is your first choice, it can easily set multiple password protection areas and achieve automatic encryption; more absolutely It also has a "file shredding" feature that completely removes unwanted data.


Lexar Lexar JumpDrive S70

The JumpDrive S50 provides a reliable “clean and maintenance” solution – Microban anti-microbial protection technology to prevent bacteria and mold growth, avoid stains, odors and product corrosion, and keep the U disk “appearance” clean.


Lexar Lexar JumpDrive S50

JumpDrive V10 is your best partner for simple living. It's like a palette, with different capacities for different colors - 4GB light blue, 8GB sky blue, 16GB orange and 32GB ivory. This series of light and beautiful colors correspond to different capacities, making people feel good and happy. Match.


Lexar Lexar JumpDrive V10

All Lexar products are tested in the Lexar Quality Lab, which has more than 800 models of digital cameras and memory card mainframes, with extensive professional testing to ensure superior quality, performance and reliability. Provides the highest level of confidence to consumers who use Lexar products to capture, manage, transmit and store critical content.

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