The world's first high-end video sensor chip Xingguang Qingqiao No. 3 Qingdao mass production

The world's first high-end video sensor chip connected to 1080P 60fps or more, "Starlight Blue Bridge No. 3" was successfully mass-produced in Qingdao on November 1st. This is a high-performance, wide dynamic, large-capacity, multi-interface with complete independent intellectual property Digital image bridge piece.

According to reports, the "Xingguang Qingqiao No. 3" chip is widely used in many industrial fields such as traffic checkpoints, electronic police and public safety places. It is of great significance for ensuring China's public safety and national security. It is the first comprehensive support for security in China and the world. Monitor the digital image bridge of SVAC national standard.

Since 2012, the "Starlight China Core Project" undertaken by Zhongxing Microelectronics Group has broken through eight core technologies, applied for 2500 domestic and foreign patents, and successively launched "Starlight" series chips, "Starlight Mobile" series chips and "Starlight Security" series chips. A number of international and domestic standards have been formed, and hundreds of millions of products have been sold worldwide, ending the history of China's lack of "core" in this field, and realizing the leap from "made in China" to "created in China" in China's high-tech industry.

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