e-Community will debut at the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and showcase LED lighting solutions

Element14, the first electronic component distributor that integrates e-commerce and online communities, announced that it will make a high-profile appearance at the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from June 9th to June 12th. At that time, e-Community will showcase selected LED lighting solutions and highlight the latest products and tools from Cree, Texas Instruments, Lumex, Microchip and other brand suppliers. At the same time, the latest functional improvements of e-community high-end service projects and e-commerce websites will also be a highlight of the exhibition.

“Since 2012, the LED lighting industry has faced new challenges. Due to the introduction of new technologies and fierce competition, the price and profit of high-power/high-brightness LED products are declining. In addition to production, LED lighting companies need to have a worth. The brand that customers trust directly promotes their products to the end market.” Uma Pingali, Director of Asia-Pacific, e-Community, said, “It is in this industry context that e-Link hopes to participate in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition as a design engineer. , lighting manufacturers, procurement specialists, and lighting engineering companies showcase the latest products and lighting solutions from our supplier community to meet all design and procurement needs from R&D/trial and field applications."

As the work of design engineers becomes more complex, the time to product design cycles is shrinking. Lighting design engineers don't allow to spend too much time getting to know the latest technology from different component manufacturers and decide which solution is best for the current project, which will give engineers a very stressful environment. Through close cooperation with suppliers and customers, Element14 can provide rich design resources to help customers overcome the technical challenges of the industry and solve problems in a timely and effective manner. A dedicated LED lighting website allows engineers to quickly select and purchase the products they need for a wide range of solutions. All products are supported by a complete set of design resources, application notes and training materials.

In order to face new challenges, more and more excellent lighting equipment manufacturers are beginning to choose to cooperate with e-network to develop retail channels and establish brands. As one of the leading distributors of lighting products, e-Commerce continues to expand its inventory of lighting products and now offers more than 10,000 lighting products from 115 brands from leading suppliers such as Avago, Cree, Texas Instruments and XP Power. Includes high power LEDs, LED driver power and evaluation kits, LED power supplies, lighting control MCUs, heat sinks and accessories. This time, e-Link will focus on the latest lighting products and solutions from Cree, Texas Instruments, Lumex, Microchip and other brands, and do live demonstrations.

The high-end service project of the e-Community will include the world's first online design research tool element14 Knode, which is an intelligent online search and knowledge tool designed for engineers. Help engineers select solutions for their designs, reduce time-to-market, and accelerate design evolution to meet design needs. In addition, Cadsoft 6th Edition EAGLE PCB software for professional motherboard design and easy to use will also appear in the experience area. CadSoft's EAGLE software is an award-winning and best-selling computer-aided design (CAD) tool that is gaining increasing reputation and recognition for its adaptation to the habits of Chinese users.

In order to further enhance its value advantage and customer experience, e-Community has also made a series of improvements to its key functions of e-commerce website: users can search, classify and perform related products according to any parameters such as resistance and voltage. The comparison quickly and quickly finds and purchases the required components, greatly accelerating the product design and procurement process. Through the improvement, users can also search according to the manufacturer, thus comparing the products under the same series of different manufacturers, which is more conducive to engineers to quickly search for the required information and put into design and use as soon as possible.

At the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the e-Community booth is located in Hall 12.2, booth G34. You can learn about the performance and best solutions of multiple series of lighting products on site, and experience the high-end service projects of the e-community. Of course, there are also well-prepared live lucky draws; if you are lucky, you will also have the opportunity to get the Texas Instruments sample kit from the e-Community, on a first come, first served basis.

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