Top 10 reasons why open source is important to smartphones

Open source brings too many benefits to the mobile phone market. In addition to cost savings, there are many other advantages, from more secure to more customization options to more application development.

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The mobile phone industry is very interesting. We finally see that smartphones are really becoming smart. The benefits that smartphone users get from them are getting more and more. How does this happen? To sum up in one word is: competition!

When Apple's iPhone was listed on the market, it was madly sought after by its users. Its competitors began to imitate and the competition continued to intensify. Android phones, Palm Pres and BlackBerrys have already joined the battle, but I think Only two of them will eventually win, for one reason, that is open source, so why is open source helping these phones to improve their competitiveness? I think there are 10 reasons.

1. Open standards

After choosing iphone, you have to follow Apple's standard. You can only use Apple-approved apps (unless you jailbreak your iPhone). If you choose Android-based phones and Palm pre, they are not a little open. Content or for a while, they will always stick to open standards. The software will be easier to develop, the site load will be as expected (and easier to develop for mobile devices), and hardware accessories will be easier to obtain.

2, more applications

After all, Apple is the kingdom of the app. It seems that Apple has a corresponding application for anything you think of, but with the wider use of Android and pre, the number of corresponding apps will increase exponentially. Why? Application development is not subject to the approval process of Apple. Any time you can develop any application, Apple is different. When the things you want to develop are built into the iPhone, it will be a torture for you. The process of people. You want to use a different browser on your iPhone, sorry, you have no choice. I found a mobile version of Firefox and Chrome for Android and pre. This situation continues, knowing that one (or both) app store exceeds Apple's app store.

3, safer and better

Sooner or later, security will become a major problem in mobile computing. Apple has been suffering from slowing down the iphone upgrade patch. Due to the nature of open source, the upgrade will not be so slow, so when a security vulnerability or defect is discovered, the user will Can get upgrade patches faster, of course, this is not only for upgrade patches, pre and Android are based on Linux, so their security foundation is better, although mobile security issues have not appeared in large numbers, with the popularity of smartphones, Security issues will soon be taken seriously.

4, can be tailored

I have a generation of iPhones. My biggest complaint is that it can't be customized as I wish. It has no theme. I personally think this is a huge failure. In open source smartphones, you can change the theme and you can Customizing your own theme, more than half of the users want them to be able to follow the design they want, which will make the smartphone work better? Of course not, but this feature will inspire users' interest.

5, better connectivity

I am not talking about 3G, EDGE and Wi-Fi here, I am talking about connecting to a PC. When using iPhone, you can sync with iTunes. If you register with MobileMe, you can use a round-trip method to synchronize Gmail. The Pre will display as a standard mass storage device on your computer, so you can drag and drop. operating. Synchronization can be run on almost all platforms, so when using Pre and Android phones, you can synchronize with MAC, Windows and Linux to achieve true cross-platform, which is far beyond Windows and Apple.

6, lower cost

I have already planned to move to Android or Pre. One important reason for attracting me is the cost. If I bundle the 2-year service iphone 3G, I will spend $3,799, while the Android G1 is $3,149 and the Pre is $2,599. It’s cheaper than $22 a month, so I can buy more smartphones. How do they keep this low cost? The answer is that the operating system is not money, open source.

7, support for multitasking

This is another iphone that bothers me. If I accidentally clicked the mail button on the EDGE network, I can use the call function of the phone to give up, but I have cut off a lot of incoming calls, and the iPhone can't support it. Multi-tasking, but both Android and Pre can support. You can open multiple programs at once. If you are on the Pre, you will feel very free. If you are on the iphone, forget it, let us face it, we are at A multi-tasking society, why do you still want to use DOS in the smartphone operating system? Both Android and Pre are created based on Linux, and they all support multitasking and networking.

8, Gmail push

Most of the Google apps are built into the Pre OS. Gmail can also be pushed directly to your Pre phone. You can download it without even opening the email client. When you open the email client, the email is already there. There, this feature also appears on Android phones, of course, you can let your iPhone frequently perform email checks, making it look like a push. Google has released an open source Gmail API, and the integration between Pre and Android and Gmail will be better.

9, a large number of developers

Now that a large number of developers have joined the development network of Android and Pre, the number of global open source developers is quite amazing. Imagine the collective wisdom. The application developed through multi-person collaboration is more in line with the application. People's needs. This mode has proven to be very effective on the Linux operating system. When a vulnerability is discovered, it will be fixed soon. Android and Pre are also the same. When many people work hard for the same goal, then is this goal? Will it be realized soon?

10, more creative

How long do you think the open source community needs to develop an Apache super lightweight version to run on the Pre? So you can carry your website with you, and the open source community will find many innovative things, such as mail servers. CMS, network security tools, etc., really want to prove which sentence "everything is possible!", it may not be long before you will see the Linux desktop on your mobile device.


Cost is certainly a huge advantage brought by open source, now you should look at how to join the open source community to contribute to the smart phone.

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