"Fantasia of the Three Kingdoms" is new on-line sofa butler takes you to explore the new version

The long-awaited “Fantastic Three Kingdoms” brand new expansion pack “The Fantasy Heroes” is about to land on major TV devices today (9.24) and officially changed its name to “Fantastic Three Kingdoms”. The new version of the Three Kingdoms continues the previous version. The classic gameplay, and launched seven new features. With so many new tricks coming in, little friends are not really looking forward to mastering cheats quickly. Before we explore the new version of the advanced path, the first thing we need to do is to install the three countries on your TV or Box.

Sofa butler download address: http://app.shafa.com/

Three countries download address: http://app.shafa.com/apk/huayangsanguo.html

The first step, open the sofa butler, select search, press OK to open

The second step, use the remote control to input "HYSG", you can see the latest version of the pattern appears on the right of the three countries, then we use the remote control to open it

The third step is to use the remote control to select the download on the details page of the three countries. Press the OK button to start downloading the game. Wait a moment, the download is complete, start the installation.

Step 4. Press OK to open the game and start your exploration of the new version of the advanced path

The three systems of the "Fantastic Three Kingdoms" are newly equipped, treasure-hunting and matching. Each military commander can wear three different types of equipment, namely: weapons (increase generals attack), armor (to increase generals defense), and treasures (increase generals life). The equipment is divided into three qualities: green, blue and purple. The green equipment is 1-3 stars, the blue is 2-4 stars, and the purple is 3-5 stars. These equipments can be obtained through brand-new treasure hunts, falling levels of battles, and other methods.

It is worth noting that all six-star generals have their own equipment affiliation, and they can gain additional bonuses when they wear equipped with rims. From this point of view, the equipment affiliation system will have a greater impact on military commanders' combat effectiveness.

Different generals have different matching requirements. Some generals need armor. Some generals need weapons, while others may need treasures. Weapons are not only adapted to one general, but may be the same for multiple military commanders. It reminds players that each piece of equipment can be used as spare. (Matching equipment is basically purple, so The collection requirements are still quite high.)

In addition, the attributes provided after the equipment is also not the same. Some equipment affiliations provide attack attribute bonuses, some provide defense attribute bonuses, and some provide life attribute bonuses and final damage bonuses. The specific match effect depends on the general of the equipment.

The equipment matching effect has no difference in the star quality of the equipment. It does not mean that the higher the star rating is, the more attributes and achievements can be provided to the generals. As long as the equipment meets the matching requirements, the matching effect will be triggered, and the effect will not increase or decrease.

In addition, attentive players may find that there is a grid in the equipment that is closed and not open in the new version. It is reported that this equipment column will be opened in the follow-up update and is a device of the mount. The horse will also have a corresponding match, the so-called "good horse with a good saddle, a good ship has a good sail", each hero who can get a good relationship with the gods in the future, but also please wait and see.
In addition to the new three major systems, "Fantastic Three Kingdoms" also set a new story and opened a new chapter. The new version of the battle level ushered in the seventeenth chapter and the subsequent chapters. As for the protagonist and female number one MM story will be how to develop, we go to the game to see it

During the period of time after the new version is opened, players can receive daily unique login rewards through the "Activity" function button after going online every day. Daily login rewards can only be collected in the same day.

The first article of the "Three Kingdoms of the Mood" will soon be on the line today. With more massive updates, new and old players will be invited to discover and experience the game on time.

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