Guangdong's "Twelfth Five-Year" end of the LED industry over 500 billion yuan in output value

Guangdong's "Twelfth Five-Year" end of the LED industry over 500 billion yuan in output value Since the Guangdong Provincial Government decided to list the semiconductor lighting industry as the province's three strategically important emerging industries, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department took the lead in the development of the semiconductor industry. Ye Jingtu, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, said that the goal of Guangdong Province is to “promote LED public lighting for three years.” Now the Science and Technology Department is taking various measures to promote it. From the analysis of information currently received from various regions, this goal will be successfully achieved.

In order to effectively break the weak link in the development of the semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong Province, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department took the lead and vigorously promoted cooperation in production, education and research in three provinces, two provinces and one province, and achieved remarkable results. For more than five years, the scientific and technological departments of Guangdong Province have made great efforts to promote the courage and painstaking efforts of LED lighting demonstration applications in the province. They have been recognized and supported by governments at all levels. Therefore, when Guangdong Province promoted the use of LED lighting products work conference, Governor Zhu Xiaodan and Vice Governor Liu Zhigeng not only personally attended the meeting, but also clearly put forward the goal of “three-year popularization of LED public lighting” throughout the province.

Ye Jingtu said, "The important thing is that the comprehensive promotion of LED lighting has opened up the mystery of LED lighting, and people really feel that after the incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp, another lighting revolution has begun."

According to Jinmo Energy Network, in order to achieve this goal, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology took the lead in formulating the "Guangdong Province's Implementation Plan for the Promotion of the Use of LED Lighting Products," clearly requiring: roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions in the province. Public lighting such as fiscal or state-owned capital investment projects will use LED street lamps, tunnel lights, garden lights, landscape lights and other lighting products. The above-mentioned non-LED lighting products in the public lighting field mentioned above shall be completed in phases and in batches by the end of 2014 within 3 years. Among them, the Pearl River Delta region strives to use two years, that is, it will be the first to complete before the end of 2013.

The program also emphasized that in the application demonstration project arrangements, we must fully take care of rural realities, arrange a certain percentage of demonstration projects in rural areas, and guide the application of LED lighting product engineering projects to rural areas. Through the demonstration of LED lighting in the public lighting field, as well as the guidance of comprehensive LED lighting society demonstration projects such as indoor lighting, and implementing related supporting policies to promote the promotion of non-public lighting, advocate and promote the application of LED lighting products in all areas of society.

Ye Jingtu said that in order to speed up the promotion and application of LED lighting products in the province and achieve the comprehensive goals of energy-saving emission reduction and LED industry development, the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department has formulated a contract energy management model based on the experience of LED lighting promotion and application in the early stage. For the core, the city public utilities to pay additional income to pay for energy-saving benefits as a breakthrough in the public lighting field as a breakthrough, the establishment of government-led, market operations, collaborative division of labor, supporting the promotion of LED lighting product promotion and application work system.

According to reports, the specific promotion content and measures of this system include: Encouraging the use of contracted energy management (EMC) operation mode, implementing the open bidding selection of energy-saving service companies, and giving play to the role of the power grid as the implementation main body of power demand side management. In order to strictly grasp the conditions for product access, the Guangdong Science and Technology Department supported the China Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd. to establish the “Guangdong Province Semiconductor Lighting Promotion and Application Center” and cooperated with Sun Yat-sen University and the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to recommend the LED benchmark products in Guangdong Province. Based on the above, a set of three-level LED life cycle quality control system was established to ensure the quality of LED lighting products purchased and to prevent shoddy filling. Luo Mohui, chief information officer of Jinmo Energy Network, learned that since the beginning of 2010, the Provincial Science and Technology Department organized LED-related alliances, colleges and universities and testing institutes to establish the benchmarking system for semiconductor lighting products in China. The LED benchmarking system has been applied to more than 300 inside and outside the province. Hundreds of LED lighting products from home LED street lighting companies and more than 100 indoor lighting companies have carried out scientific quality evaluations, and developed and released six batches of LED benchmarking system product recommendation catalogs. This move will provide product selection and engineering quality assurance for the LED lighting demonstration project in the province. Therefore, in the "Implementation Plan" released this time, it is stipulated clearly that "the products used for the promotion of the project must be recommended by the Guangdong LED benchmarking system." At the same time, it is required to prioritize the use of products with high energy efficiency and a high degree of local support, and to provide falsified behaviors such as failure to provide or purchase products, and relevant parties have formulated strict disciplinary measures.

At present, the "Implementation Plan" has been affirmed and approved by the main leaders of Guangdong Province and all localities and relevant departments, and has been officially issued and implemented. Recently, Guangzhou City took the lead in the development of an LED product promotion and application program centered on the Sixth District Center and covering the city's urban and rural roads. It is estimated that the full implementation of the LED lighting project in Guangdong Province will achieve energy saving of more than 50%, and will drive the LED industry in Guangdong Province to achieve an annual output value of 500 billion yuan or more at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

Recently, at a special conference, Ye Jingtu emphasized again the significance of comprehensive promotion of the use of LED lighting products in the public lighting field. He pointed out: On the one hand, the development of LED industry will become an important starting point for promoting energy-saving emission reduction and developing a low-carbon economy. According to the requirements of the State Council, during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Guangdong Province's unit GDP carbon dioxide emissions should achieve a goal of a 19.5% decline. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization and the continued rise in the consumption structure of residents, the demand for energy will grow into a rigid one, and energy saving and emission reduction will be very difficult. According to the actual measurement results of LED street lamp demonstration projects in recent years, the overall energy saving reaches more than 60%. If the province's road lighting uses LED street lamps, it can save 6.65 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to 2.487 million tons of standard coal, and 42,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. It accounts for 11.5% of the province's sulfur dioxide target emission reductions. The widespread promotion of LED lighting products in the public lighting field will play an important role in Guangdong's completion of energy-saving and emission reduction tasks.

On the other hand, the LED industry involves many disciplines and fields such as new materials, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, etc. The industrial integration is high, and the related industries have a large pulling effect. Guangdong is the most concentrated area in China's traditional lighting industry, with 60% of the country's lighting companies gathered here. The market advantage of the traditional lighting industry and the need to upgrade the new lighting industry has become the main driving force for the rapid development of the LED industry. According to calculations, if LED products are fully replaced with millions of street lamps in the province, the potential market size will reach tens of billions or even hundreds of billions. The comprehensive penetration and integration of LED technology and products into traditional advantageous industries will further activate the consumer market. The overall promotion and use of LED lighting products in the public lighting field will form a virtuous cycle in which technology and the market grow simultaneously, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrade, and promote LED. Industry has become the new economic growth pole in Guangdong.

All indications are that Guangdong is taking the power of the entire province to fully promote the application of LED lighting products. Because in Ye Jingtu's view: by promoting the application of high-tech energy-saving products in public lighting, it can promote the technological advancement of LED emerging industries, improve product quality and reduce costs; and high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long-life LED Products into the homes of ordinary people is not only a blessing to the LED industry, but also a breakthrough in Guangdong's strategic emerging industries, but also a major undertaking in China's energy-saving emission reduction.

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