Three factors that affect the quality of LED lamps

The data detected by the single LED white light on the burn-in board and the data detected when the LED white light is assembled into a lamp when it is aging is definitely a bit different. The size of this difference depends on the electrical parameters of the LED during operation and the design of the luminaire, as well as the environment in which the luminaire is used.

First, what kind of LED lamp bead to choose

This is very important. The quality of the LED lamp beads can be said to be an important factor. To give some examples, the same as the 14mil white light segment chip as the representative, using ordinary epoxy resin as the primer and the white light glue and the encapsulated glue encapsulated LED lamp beads, single lit in a 30 degree environment, one After 1000 hours, the attenuation data is 70% of light decay; if packaged in Class D low-fat glue, the 1000-hour light decay is 45% under the same aging environment; if the C-type low-failure glue is encapsulated, the same aging environment , 1000 hours light decay is 12%; if the class B low-failure glue encapsulates, in the same aging environment, the 1000-hour light decay is -3%; if the class A low-fade glue, in the same aging environment, the thousands of hours light The decline is -6%.

Why do different packaging processes lead to big differences?

The main reason is that LED chips are afraid of heat. Occasionally overheating more than a hundred degrees in a short period of time, it does not matter, afraid of fear of long-term high temperature, is a great damage to the LED chip.

In general, the thermal conductivity of ordinary epoxy resin is very small, so when the LED chip is lit, the LED chip will emit heat, while the ordinary epoxy has limited thermal conductivity, so when you are outside the LED Light Source When measuring the temperature of the LED bracket at 45 degrees, the center temperature of the chip inside the LED white light may exceed 80 degrees. The temperature node of the LED is actually 80 degrees, then, when the LED chip works in the temperature-saving temperature, it is very much suffered, which accelerates the aging of the LED light source.

When the LED chip is in operation, the center temperature produces a high temperature of 100 degrees, and it can instantly derive heat through 98% of the bracket pins, thereby reducing the heat damage to it. Therefore, when the LED lamp holder temperature is 60 degrees, the center temperature of the chip may be only 61 degrees.

From the above data can be seen, what kind of packaging process LED lamp beads, LED lighting directly determine the light failure.

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