Novelty stuff arrival - torch for Apple Lightning protocol, Type-c/Micro usb/MiN line adapter board out of the box evaluation

I. Introduction

Recently I like to study things that are convenient for charging

In order to measure the influence of the wire resistance on the pressure drop, we started with an adapter plate.

Of course, this adapter board can also be used to perform various interface conversions and can be used when necessary

The adapter board supports five access modes: lightning interface, type-c, micro USB, mini USB, and terminal.

Finally, there will be no-load, 1A, 2A, 3A load test data for all lines on hand, all of which are dry goods.

Hard test for a long time, need everyone's broken silver support! Thank you for your valuable friend!

Second, out of the box

Yuantong express really annoying, send and receive points so far

Open the express parcel, which is a small paper box. Such a small thing is packed in carton.

Inside the carton is relatively simple, a bag that can be sealed

There are two things inside, one certificate, one adapter plate

Third, the appearance

Five sockets from left to right, lightning, micro USB, type-c, mini USB, terminal

On the other side, once from left to right, it is a USB male head, a forward and reverse plugged USB female head, and an ordinary USB female head.

Look at the solder joint of the USB plug, more uniform, not very full

The USB male and female heads on both sides have corresponding terminals for convenient wiring and measurement

Remove the USB male and female ends on both sides

Other sockets have no chips, only lightning socket uses three chips, macro screen printing, 92cd37

C009t FET

Fourth, test

Note : The charge head is selected by anker's powerport+6 charger, the socket is selected QC2.0 socket

The YZX green watch is used to measure the meter. The only watch on hand is accurate.

The load is EBD-USB+, and the load current at the computer is set to 1A, 2A, and 3A for comparison test.

The total table, all the data are in this, indefinite ranking, according to the test sequence sort

Type-c interface line ranking

Lightning interface line rankings

Micro USB interface line ranking

V. Summary

1, adapter board is still very easy to use, plug is very smooth, almost all of the mainstream plug, you can easily measure and transfer

2, the adapter board's resistance is still there, and the adapter board there is a blue led light will be lit, so the above only test the pressure drop, there is no calculation of resistance and the like data, this adapter board can be used to Hengping For comparison tests, it is also necessary to pay attention to the own resistance of the adapter board when testing a single line separately.

3, the positive and negative plug adapter USB female head is still very good, you can easily insert a variety of measuring meters and wire

4, the above line pressure drop data comparison is more useful, it is not meaningful in terms of a separate, but it can be clearly seen that the resistance of the wire for charging speed is still a great impact

5, choose a good charging line, it is still necessary

Six, test picture appendix

The following is a screenshot of the test data, which is the contents of the above chart

No-load voltage data

One plus three original line test chart

Huawei original line test chart

Oreco line test chart

Apple's original test chart

The old seven 15cm MFI certification test chart

Millet 10400 original line test chart

The original line of pha3

Meizu mx5 original line

Jdb twist line micro USB interface

Jdb twist type-c interface

Millet 10400 original line plus choetech adapter

Millet 10400 original line plus green connector

Millet 10400 original line plus Apple adapter

Anker qc2.0 mobile power original line

Unknown mini USB cable

You can see this is true love! muah!

thank you all!


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