Communication market shifts to mobilization

Communication market shifts to mobilization Eric Penisson, vice president and general manager of Alcatel-Lucent's corporate network communications business unit, said in an interview: “Overall macroeconomic markets were difficult in 2013. However, Alcatel-Lucent’s corporate communications services are still Continue to maintain growth, especially market share. Alcatel-Lucent has performed satisfactorily in the IP market segment."

According to Mr. Eric Penisson, the entire communications market, whether it is products or services, is moving in the direction of personal mobility. For example BYOD, the industry is talking about more. It can meet the needs of business users for communication access is no longer limited to the office, but at any time, any place. This then has very high requirements for the deployment of enterprise-level communications, and the solution can make maneuvers changes according to different user needs.

OpenTouch is a new architecture platform for Alcatel-Lucent's corporate communications that has retired in response to changes in the era. It provides end-users with a new communications experience. This is to provide users with communication functions in a conversational manner. In a conversation, various communication methods are mixed, including multimedia video, chat (instant messaging), and traditional speech, etc., and these capabilities are merged together.

OpenTouch is a software organization for the future that includes IP, including cloud, so the security of the network is more about the architectural design. Eric Penisson emphasized that when Alcatel-Lucent's OpenTouch deploys cloud in UC, it must ensure that within this deployment's architecture, every layer, or layer and layer, must do a very good security design.

For the future development of Alan in the Chinese market, Eric Penisson said that we have always regarded the Chinese market as the top priority for development, and its potential is also very large. Alang has been in the Chinese market for many years. Whether it is in the operator market or the enterprise market, we all regard the Chinese market as the first market. At the same time, we also expect that the platform for cooperation and partners for cooperation will be more diversified. This is the positioning of Alan for the Chinese market.

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