New LED daytime running lights new smart official map release

DaimlerChrysler recently released its 2011 Fortwo model of its smart brand. The new model will be unveiled during the Paris Motor Show and will be launched in the market.

The new model introduces a bright green interior with a 16.5cm LCD screen, a multi-function leather steering wheel and a redesigned dashboard, central armrests and more. It is also reported that after the launch of the redesigned model, smart will cooperate with Renault and replace the smart products in 2013.


"The new smart release, with 3 different styles of wheels"


『Add bright green interior and central control LCD screen』


『Equipped with LED daytime running lights, both right angle and straight line design』

The fog light position of the new smart convertible model has also become an LED daytime running light, with both right angle and straight lines. The grille and mirrors are also available in different black or silver trims, and customers can choose from 3 different styles of 15-inch alloy wheels. In addition, the engine has been optimized to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to 97 g/km.

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