Demand for LED waterproof power increases rapidly

LED waterproof power supply is widely used in the market, most of the output power provided is within 150 watts, and the market demand is rapidly increasing. Early LED waterproof power supplies used linear transformers, with consumer electronics having high efficiency, wide input voltage range requirements for power adapters, and increased copper, iron, and labor costs. Thus, the LED waterproof power supply can only be changed from 110 volts AC or 220 volts single voltage input to 85 to 264 volts AC wide input range, and the input power frequency is between 47 and 63 hertz.

Global initiatives include standby power consumption of less than 1 watt; UL safety certification, CE safety certification. On the one hand, the demand for LED waterproof power supplies from consumer electronics products is growing rapidly. Power supply manufacturers must rapidly expand their production capacity. On the other hand, the world’s many countries require strict energy conservation regulations, making power supply manufacturers designing “green power supplies”. There is more pressure to save energy and reduce consumption. Most LED waterproof power supplies designed with traditional PWM control methods cannot meet the design requirements of “green power supply”.

The LED waterproof power supply provided by Wenzhou Zhenghuo Electric Co., Ltd. breaks through this traditional design bottleneck, providing the most cost-effective, highly reliable and safest green LED waterproof power supply.

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