I am a smart cool cool Skyworth HD cinematic intelligent routing R3

With the advent of the smart era, routers are all equipped with smart wings, and more and more manufacturers join the industry. Today, the author got the value of Tencent’s Tencent video. With full R3 routers, let's take a look at its uniqueness.

Packaging and appearance

The outer packaging adopts a pattern style as background, and the font uses a golden hot stamping design, which is elegant and elegant.

On the back there are mainly manufacturers' information and specifications. They are from the hands of the established manufacturers of Skyworth. Since they are routers, they are written on the address of the management. They support JD.com, they can install APPs to control them as a major entrance to the home, and they have a top and a bottom. Penguin routing and Skyworth's English LOGO, and Tencent video marriage will wipe out what spark, please note that this article will explain to you.

Open the package, you can see the looming protagonist - Skyworth Smart Routing R3, with a box-shaped groove design, and the packaging of tough and self-contained, who gave me a temperament.

The R3 accessories include one copy of JD Micro and R3 manuals, and one power adapter. Please bring your own cable.

Skyworth Smart Routing R3 has a simple overall design. It has a trapezoidal design with a size of 18012025mm. The front is a skyline light. A small part of the top uses a bright surface as an embellishment, which makes it seem dull and brings a sense of fashion. However, the surface is easily covered with dust, but with a glossy design, cleaning is also easier.

The skyline indicator power is red, the correct connection to the network is blue, soft light is more eye-catching.

The side of the design uses a rounded shape, on the one hand will not shave, on the other hand also adds a sense of beauty

On the front left side there is Skyworth's Skyworth LOGO, while the bottom part can be seen to support 5G/2.4G. Using a three antenna 5DBi design, test to see if the signal is as strong as you think it is?

Interfaces are concentrated on the back, 4 LAN interfaces, a WAN interface, a USB interface (can be an external U disk or hard disk, for home storage sharing), WPS button, reset button and power interface, interface design conscience, configuration 2 more than other smart routes.

LAN port is 8 copper wire design

Other interfaces are fully equipped

At the bottom, there are two rows of cooling holes and four non-slip feet, equipped with two-dimensional code, which can be downloaded by Skyworth's Routing Manager APP for management.

The power supply uses a 12V 1A design, which is standard on most smart routers.

Take a look at the comparison of excellent X routers

Route Manager APP Experience

First of all, to scan the two-dimensional code on the back of R3, enter WeChat pay attention to the public number, you can download Skyworth routing housekeeper APP through the browser.

The network mode is divided into two types. Dialing through a broadband account and dialing are not required. I set it as a secondary route so I use the second one. Follow the operating instructions to set a wireless password for the route. This password is also the password of the management page of the router. The configuration is complete.

Can see the introduction of R3, simple and easy to use, more secure, healthy mode, to send points four characteristics, it seems a little personality, a little mean.

After a simple setup, enter the interface to see the uplink speed and downlink speed, and you can see the number of connected terminals. It is divided into four major items: application management, terminal management, tools, and settings.

Application management - can be used to install plug-ins, which is also a big benefit of smart routing, there are three plug-ins: Penguin routing plug-in, Jingdong Micro-Link, SAMBA plug-in. Of course, to get such a rich feature, you must first insert a USB flash drive or hard disk.

Featured plug-in experience

Let's take a look at the Penguin routing plug-in, which can earn points by redundancies to redeem member gift packages. First download and install, and then click the start button on the right side of the installed interface, and then click to enter the page, point experience; then according to the prompt binding QQ account, for the first time to get a month of Hollywood membership and 1000 points, next time as long as Online can redeem members through free bandwidth. Everyone can see the redeemable links: In exchange for a 7-day Hollywood membership card, a 15-day Hollywood membership card, a Hollywood monthly membership card, a Hollywood membership card, and a Hollywood membership card. , Penguin Theatre VIP monthly card. The author tried to earn 20 points in 1 day under 12M bandwidth, 1 point can be exchanged for 10V, and about 7 days for a 7-day Hollywood membership.

Skyworth Smart Routing R3 and Jingdong Microlink can now implement mobile phone switch WiFi, and can perform voice control operations. Looking forward to opening up more functional experiences in the future, we will first add Skyworth routers by scanning the two-dimensional code on the back of the box. After connecting you can add control.

Other functional experience

Terminal management - that is, you can control the access device, you can set up a blacklist, even if you know the wireless password can not log in.

Tools - You can set up guest WiFi, health services, bandwidth speed, light control, factory reset, router reboot and standby.

Guest WiFi is more interesting, you can set the access time, so that you can not tell others the main account password, others can also access the Internet

Health mode can be set to health, standard, and wear the wall in three modes more intimate. Can set WIFI timing off.

Bandwidth speed can test the speed of your own home network

Indicator light control, can control the antenna light switch. Restoring the factory, restarting and standby, these are also very convenient.

Settings - support for the router's WiFi settings (passwords), Internet settings (broadband connection, dynamic IP, static IP), Skyworth cloud account (binding and unbinding operations), modify the administrator password, firmware upgrades and mobile application upgrades , User Feedback, Clear Cache, About. For the function of setting up wireless relay and port mapping, you need to log in to the web page management page of the router. According to the official introduction, the APP does not provide these settings because it is afraid of misuse by the primary users.

Through the wall ability experience

How does the Skyworth Smart Routing R3 use three 5dBi high-gain antenna real signals? The author placed a few test points, one meter, 12 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters to test.

From the test results, the test result of Skyworth Smart Routing R3 is still good. In the wall-through mode, the signal strength of one wall is about -45dBm; in the case of two-layer bearing walls, the signal strength is about -66dBm, and it can be normal. Browse the web and watch online videos.

to sum up

Skyworth smart routing R3 appearance of the atmosphere, black matte shell design and three 5dBi high gain antenna, easy operation, stable signal testing, intelligent JD micro join, and can use the idle traffic to exchange Tencent membership card makes watching genuine video resources Become free, but hope to continue to add the following features: Extensions hope to further enrich, such as adding monitoring plug-ins, Thunder downloads and other useful plug-ins.

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