Inheritance and Transcendence - Konka Deepens the Distribution of Commercial Display Fields

After thirteen years of hard work, Konka Video Company completed the mission given by history after the 34th anniversary of Konka Group, and withdrew from the historical stage; Konka E-display, a successor focused on the commercial display field ) came into being, and the business has a clear vision. Konka will create a one-stop quality shopping platform in indoor and outdoor display, digital signage, indoor monitoring and other commercial display areas.


"Winning Dignity with Innovation"--This is the inscription of Premier Wen Jiabao when he inspected Konka Group in 2008. Nowadays, in the face of the increasingly severe domestic and international economic situation and the complicated market environment, Konka is working hard to consolidate and expand the civil display field. At the same time, it is focused on formulating and sorting out Konka's strategic planning in the field of commercial display, and establishing Konka's comprehensive application from LED. Turning to the strategic positioning of commercial display, on the basis of strengthening and developing B2C business, it further deepened Konka's layout in B2B business display business.

According to the data, the market capacity of Led Display in 2013 was 28.40 billion yuan, and maintained a growth rate of 26.8%; the market capacity of LCD splicing was 4.36 billion, a year-on-year growth rate of 98.6%; and the penetration rate of digital signage systems in Europe and the United States has exceeded 50%, but the domestic penetration rate is even less than 10%, and the market has great potential for development.

While vigorously expanding the field of LED display, Konka will deepen the key layout of the LCD splicing wall and advertising machine field, realize the integration of resources in the three key markets of commercial display, and create a new type of industry-wide, multi-field commercial display synthesis. Service provider. It includes new mainstream commercial display products such as Internet commercial display, intelligent business display, high-definition commercial display and low-carbon commercial display. At the same time, it combines mature and perfect commercial display integrated solutions to realize one-stop procurement of multi-type products of major projects. Meet the integration needs of major projects and provide customers with the most convenient business display services.

In the field of LED display: Konka's vision has clearly defined the commercial display as one of its key development strategies in the future, and has quickly re-planned the existing product line, clarifying the branding with high-end LED rental and high-definition small-pitch display. Grasping profits, standardizing products to occupy the market, and customizing products to lock in the development lines of core customers. While expanding the production line of multiple LED rental products, we will vigorously develop the most cost-effective P2 and P2.5 small-pitch LED screens in the display market, becoming the first batch of LED industry to achieve high-end small-pitch display mass production. one. The Pangu Daguan 3400m2 outdoor display, the 12th National Games Shenyang Municipal Government Square Lamppost Screen, and the Shenzhen Airport 700m2 HD Screen are called tens of millions or even super. The 100 million yuan project highlights the excellent product customization capabilities of Konka Business.

In the field of LCD splicing: Konka has successfully introduced the upgraded production process and process through the newly introduced LCD splicing production line, achieving double upgrades for technology and manufacturing. The Yunnan forest fire prevention monitoring project worth tens of millions, the monitoring screen of the Suzhou Expressway with a display area of ​​nearly 100m2, the Wuxi government's transformation of 5x15pcs internal arc splicing large screen and other multi-industry project cases also show that Konka is in the LCD splicing market. Rapid development and growth.

For the emerging advertising machine sector, Konka's commercial display has also achieved good results. Its floor-standing advertising machine successfully entered the banking system of Hubei Province and created an information comprehensive display platform for the Yunnan Provincial Prison System. This series of achievements indicates that Konka Commercial Display is making great strides in the field of digital signage.

In the second quarter of the year, Konka Commercial Display LED rental new products overseas market shipments over 1000 square meters in a single month; the first batch of over one million advertising machine projects settled in Chongqing; through the newly launched ultra-narrow 3.9mm liquid crystal with fog function The splicing products have reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with China Ordnance Industry Group. A series of phased results marked the initial success of Konka's layout in the commercial display field.

In the future, Konka will take the business vision of Vision as a pioneer and strive to build a trustworthy global business display leading brand.

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