Electric Mini Fridge, Mini Bar Refrigerator, Absorption Minibar

Temperature Type: Double-temperature
Defrost Type: Frost-Free
Function: Freezing
Certification: CE, RoHS, UL, ISO, EMC, ETL
Trademark: Orbita
Transport Package: 1PCS/Carton
Specification: 510*460*560mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 8418291000

Electric Mini Fridge,Mini Bar Refrigerator,Absorption minibar


Outstanding Features:

1.High performance with superior absorption new technology, cooling by ammonia

2.no compressor, no fan, no moving part, no vibration, noiseless, maintenance-free operation

3.Very long life-span and good stability.


Brief introduction:

1: Minibar are the one of the products which are environmental friendly, without fluorine, and cause no pollution to the aerosphere.

2: Minibar are without compressor, silent and don't produce any noise, function stably and soundly. The products can defrost automatically and belong to static-cooling refrigerators.

3: The products adopt electronic temperature control, which makes the temperature in the product.

4: Quite even, and have little fluctuation when starting and shutting off.

5: The door hinges of the product are left-and-right interchangeable.

Electric Mini Fridge, Mini Bar Refrigerator, Absorption Minibar

Production specification:


Shape Size(W*D*H)mm

400 * 420 * 517

Packing Size(W*D*H)mm

452 * 447 * 560

Storage Temperature(°C)

0 ~ 12

Input Power(W)


Energy Consumption(kwh/24h)


Validity Capacity(L)




Key mounted


Light inside


Net/Gross Weight(kg)

16 / 18.5



Usage instructions:


1: Please let the product work about 1 hour with no load, and then put in the foodstuff when using the product for the first time.


2: The product shall stand horizontally and can't be slanted; otherwise it will cause poor cooling.


3: There are totally 5 positions in the temperature adjusting device, normally please use position 3. Position 1 is the warmest while position 5 is the coolest.


4: Don't put too much foodstuff into the cabinet once, please add foodstuff gradually.


5: Certain distance shall be kept between the foodstuff stored in the cabinet, so that the cool air can flow freely and the temperature will be even.


6: In order to save energy, please try your best to reduce the door opening times as well as make it quick every time you open the door.


7: When stop using, please use a soft wet cloth to clean the inside of the cube, and let air circulate in the cube so as to avoid the liner of the cube being eroded.


8: LED light, 3.6V/1W


Electric Mini Fridge, Mini Bar Refrigerator, Absorption Minibar

Absorption Cooling Advantages

Compressor Disadvantages

  • SILENT, no moving parts
    does not disturb guest sleep.

Noise, from compressor increases with age. Disturbs sleep and causes guest complaints.


Vibrates from piston movement, can
Not be attached without rubber mounts. Unit hums and worsens with wear.

  • FROST FREE, fully automatic

Manual or push button.
Requires clean up of water mess
Caused by melting ice.

    for Hotel use.

Residential use only. Not made for
Hotel use.

     match room decor.

Metal cabinet in only one color.

  • DOOR RACKS to hold liquor.

Shelves for Perishables,
not suitable for Hotels.

    special insulation. Under 1 ampere

Energy Abusive. Electric power consumption varies from twice to five times the cost of absorption type.

    no CFC or HCFC Refrigerant.

Refrigeration gas (R12) is harmful
to the ozone layer and must be recovered at the Hotels owners expense.

  • USEFUL LIFE, extended.
  • 5 years

Useful life, less than 5 years.


Maintenance and periodic cleaning of coils essential.

 Electric Mini Fridge, Mini Bar Refrigerator, Absorption Minibar



1. What is the difference between absorption type minibar and compressor type minibar?


 The main difference in function is that the absorption type minibar is quiet while the compressor type minibar is noisy. The absorption type minibar uses pipes circulation to cool the minibar, it does not need any motor or fans, so it has a very long life span. However, the compressor type minibar restricted to the life of the motor and fans. Further more, absorption type minibar does not cause vibration while it works, so it is suitable to store Wine, but compressor type can not.


2. Which capacity do you have?


We have 20L,25L ,30L 40L,50L and 60L.


3. Can we put the minibar in the wardrobe?


You can, but better to leave some space in the back of the minibar. It is aborption type and need some space for air circulation


4. What is the advantage of your minibar comparing to other absorption type minibar?


The cooling technology is from Eu which is the major part of the minibar.


5.Can you minibar make ice?


Minibar should not make ice and it has special treatment to avoid frost as well. 


6.Does your minibar have a locker?


Yes, it has a locker on it. Minibar can be locked when tourist group check in.


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Electric Mini Fridge, Mini Bar Refrigerator, Absorption MinibarElectric Mini Fridge, Mini Bar Refrigerator, Absorption MinibarElectric Mini Fridge, Mini Bar Refrigerator, Absorption Minibar

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